Article of the Month in 2023

FIG publishes each month the Article of the Month. This is a high-level paper focusing on interesting topic to all surveyors. This article can be picked up from an FIG conference or another event or it can be a paper written directly for this purpose.

  • February 2023 is a both recording of the FIG Congress 2022 Keynote: Land Governance in support of the 2030 Global Agenda in which Stig Enemark and Paula Dijkstra speak about this topic and the article from Stig Enemark Responsible Land Governance and Secure Land Rights in Support of the 2030 Global Agenda.
    This session will unfold the concept of responsible land governance and the importance of including all land, people and land rights at a countrywide scale. Further, the session will align the concepts with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and how FIG supports the SDGs. The agenda provides us a roadmap towards a more sustainable world. Providing leadership as FIG, as professional and as a citizen on the SDGs will be of great added value. This session sets the scene how you can actively contribute to volunteering for the future for our profession, society and our planet at the same time.

  • January 2023 is a recording of the FIG Congress 2022 Keynote: Urban Rural Partnership.
    Urban Rural Partnership is more urgent than ever in the light of an ongoing or even increasing urban rural divide in developed as well as in developing countries. Central elements are the need for comprehensive land policies, reflecting a priority on spatial and economic integration, and the importance of considering governance, infrastructure and local capacity. Join our two distinguished keynote speakers through the urban rural land linkages.