Article of the Month - September 2023

FIG Working Week 2023 Keynote: United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Russell Romanella, NASA
Instead of a paper we would like to share with you this month a video recording from the keynote session of FIG Working 2023.

Keynote speaker Russell Romanella explores the current Human and Robotic Exploration Missions within NASA. He explores NASA's exploration of the solar system and beyond including Mars, Saturn, the asteroid belt, and NASA’s plan to return to the Moon and on to Mars.

Watch and be inspired by the keynote session here:

About the keynote speaker

Russell Romanella, NASA – United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (retired)


Mr. Romanella had over 30 years of NASA experience. He had many leadership positions at the Kennedy Space Center during his career including International Space Station and Spacecraft Processing Director, Associate Director for Engineering and Technical, and most recently, prior to his retirement, Director of Safety and Mission Assurance. Mr. Romanella joined NASA in 1982 as a student intern while attending Florida State University where he received his degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Mr. Romanella’s broad range of experiences include Artemis - NASA's new lunar exploration program, the International Space Station, and many of NASA’s non-human exploration programs such as robots on Mars, and the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes. Mr. Romanella has received numerous achievement and performance awards including NASA's Exceptional Service Medal, the Center Director Award, and the Presidential Rank Award for his leadership in preparing Space Station elements for launch from the Kennedy Space Center.