FIG Commission 9 - Valuation and the Management of Real Estate

Term 2003-2006

Highlights Commission Chair2003-2006
The term commenced in 2002 at the Washington Congress and will end in October 2006 at the Munich Congress. Mr. Stephen Yip

The activities of Commission 9 basically follow those of the Council of FIG, that is to say, taking part in the working weeks, congresses and regional conferences by holding technical sessions, including commission meetings, in these events in the form of organizing paper presentations together with discussion forums on topics of interest and related to the theme of the Commission, which is “Valuation and Management of Real Estate”.

Members of the Commission are encouraged to represent the commission in attending and presenting papers at other international conferences. For example, the former Vice-chair Mr Simon Adcock, of Australia and now Chair-Elect of Commission 8, represented the Commission and made his presentation at the conference of International Federation of Housing and Planning. The former Commission Chairman of Commission 9 for 1998-2002, Mr Michael Yovino-Young of USA, has attended many other international conferences held in Europe and America representing the Commission. The current Chair-Elect of Commission 9, Mr Kauko Viitanen of Finland, also has attended conferences in Europe representing the Commission.

Working Groups

Terms of reference

  • Valuation - the estimating of value of real estate by valuers and appraisers, for various purposes, including market value, property taxation, eminent domain, claims of damage or impact on value by some cause or event and acquisitions for public use or public policy;
  • Investment Market Value and Investment Planning;
  • Development Finance, Land Use Feasibility Planning;
  • Management of Property, as single asset or by management companies;
  • Management of property systems to ensure efficient use of public and private resources; and
  • Management of public sector property.

Mission statement

  • To identify valuers and appraisers in emerging economies and developing countries and developing countries and coordinate their activities with those of FIG.;
  • To increase FIG members' participation in valuation theory and methodologies, especially in countries without established real estate market protocols and infrastructure;
  • To liaise with other appraisal and valuation organizations to seek cooperation regarding subjects of mutual interest;
  • To create, refine and expand a world dictionary for valuers and appraisers;
  • To investigate new evidence of the influence of environmental hazards on property use, value and demand.

Work Plan

Key Documents




Working Groups

Working Group 9.1 - Education of Valuation Professionals in FIG

Policy Issues

  • Address disparity and deficiencies in educational programs and/or training of valuers in FIG member organizations.
  • Education on valuation through information network in FIG (an integrated virtual learning environment). Let education move, not people.
  • Educational ladder. A stepped way of advancing be planned for improving the knowledge of valuation.
  • An educational package of valuation be created and offered on the homepage of FIG and intentionally, targeted to the developing countries and those economies under transition.
  • Generate co-operation in education and create a network for supporting the contact persons.


Prof Kauko Viitanen (Finland)
e-mail kauko.viitanen[at]

Working Group 9.2 - Environmental and Ecological Influences Effecting Use, Value and Demand for Real Estate

Policy Issues

  • A global problem requiring greater awareness of the negative influences of contamination and ecological degradation.
  • Requirements for new training and protocols for valuation practitioners.


Mr. Simon Adcock (Australia)
e-mail: simon.adcock[at]

Working Group 9.3 - Valuation for Taxation and Statutory Compensation

Policy Issues

Government policies affect market valuations.


Henning Elmstrom (Denmark)
e-mail: elmstroem[at]

Working Group 9.4 - Organizations of Valuers and Appraisers in Emerging Eastern European Markets

Policy Issues

Changes in Government policies and market conditions affect development of the surveying profession.


David Smejkal (Czech Republic)
e-mail: David.Smejkal[at]