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January/February 2019 l Article
Interview with FIG President Rudolf Staiger

January/February 2019 l FIG Update
FIG Commissions and Young Surveyors

November/December 2018 l FIG Update
FIG Hand Over event

June/July 2018 l FIG Update
FIG Congress report - Surveying Profession in Transition 

January/February 2018 l FIG Update
FIG Commissions 7 and 9 Annual Meeting 2017 and Conference, Cartagena, Colombia, December 2017

December 2017 l FIG Update
Smart Solutions for a Secure and Valuable Property

November 2017 l FIG Update
FIG at Intergeo

Oktober 2017 l News
Surveying the world of tomorrow

Oktober 2017 l FIG update
FIG Congress 2018: Istanbul  

September 2017 l FIG Update
Seventh UN-GGIM Session in New York

August 2017 l News
GLTN-FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Programme
By Eva-Maria Unger, Chair Young Surveyors Network

July 2017 l FIG article
Surveying the world of tomorrow Helsinki

July 2017 l FIG Update
Record Number of FIG Member Associations at FIG General Assembly

June 2017 l FIG update
FIG STDM Publication Now Available in 4 Languages

June 2017 l News
Surveying the world of tomorrow Helsinki - From digitalisation to augmented reality

May 2017 l FIG update
World Bank Land and Poverty Conference: Responsible Land Governance – Towards an Evidence-based Approach

April 2017 l FIG update
UN-GGIM Expert Group on Land Administration and Management

March 2017 l News
Keynote Speakers at FIG Working Week 2017 Confirmed

February 2017 l FIG Update
Further Standardisation in Land Administration

January 2017 l FIG Update
From Volume to Quality: Bridging the Gap for Spatial Data Infrastructure  

December 2016 | FIG Update
Land Consolidation and Land Readjustment for Sustainable Development

November 2016 l News
City of Helsinki Advances 3D City Initiative

November 2016 l FIG Update
Two FIG events in Athens, Greece

November 2016 l Insider's view
The call for Data Revolution - By Stig Enemark

October 2016 l FIG update
FIG/UN-Habitat Expert Meeting on Valuation of Unregitsred Land

October 2016 l Report
4th European Young Surveyors Meeting in Amsterdam:
Together for Tomorrow's challenges
By Eva-Maria Unger, Casper Fibæk and Ines Vilas Boas

October 2016 | News
FIG Working Week 2017: Call for Papers

September 2016 | FIG Update
FIG Working Week 2017

Augustus 2016 | FIG Update
FIG Publications

July 2016 l FIG Update
FIG Christchurch Declaration on Small Island Developing States

June 2016 l Report
Recovery from Diaster - FIG Woking Week 2016, New Zealand

June 2016 l FIG Page
Review of Fourth High Level Forum on UN-GGIM in Addis Ababa

June 2016 l IAG Update
Report on Third JISDM 2016

May 2016 l Interview
GIM International Interviews Eva-Maria Unger: Inspiring and Empowering the Agents of Change

May 2016 l FIG Update
FIG Young Surveyors Events

April 2016 l Interview
GIM International Interviews Oumar Sylla: Realising Solutions for Ladn Governance Issues

April 2016 l FIG Update
Review of the Land and Poverty Conference 2016

March 2016 l FIG Update
The GLTN Professional Cluster

February 2016 l FIG Update
Special Events during the FIG Working Week in Christchurch, New Zealand

February 2016 l FIG Update
Nepal Workshop: SDI Research on Diaster Risk Reduction

January 2016 l FIG Update
Review of FIG Workshops in Autumn 2015

January 2016 l Insider's view by Paul van der Molen, Twente University, the Netherlands
Paris Agreement: Land is a Great Issue!

December 2015 l FIG Page
6th Partners' Meeting of Global Land Tool Network

November 2015 l Insider's view by Prof. Stig Enemark, honorary President FIG, Denmark
Facing the Post-2015 Global Agenda

November 2015 l FIG Page
Recovery from Disaster

October 2015 l FIG Page
Acknowledgement of Land Administration by UN-GGIM

October 2015 l News
FIG Working Week 2016: Recovery from Disaster

September 2015 l FIG Page
Workshops on Disaster Risk Reduction and Crowdsourcing of Land Information

September 2015 l Interview
5 Questions to... Dr Vanessa Lawrence

August 2015 l FIG Page
3rd FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria

July 2015 l FIG Page
FIG General Assembly 2015 - Close-run Decision between Vietnam and Switzerland

July 2015 l Endpoint
Precise but Slow, or Quick but Dirty?
By Mathias Lemmens, Senior Editor, GIM International

July 2015 l Report
Creating a New Generation of Global Surveyors - FIG Wokrirng Week, Sofia, Bulgaria May 2015
By Louise Friis-Hansen and Christian Lemmen, FIG and Durk Haarsma, GIM International

June 2015 l FIG Page
Meeting of Preparatory Committee for Habitat III in Nairobi

June 2015 l Feature
From Barefoot to 'Air-foot' Surveyors - Building UAS Capacity for the Land Administration Sector
By Eldar Rubinov, Mireille Biraro, Simon Fuller and Rohan Bennett

June 2015 l Report
Let's Cadastre Our World... - World Cadastre Summit, Congress & Exhibition

By Kees de Zeeuw, Kadaster International, and Peter van Oosterom, Delft University of Technology

May 2015 l FIG Page
Review of the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

April 2015 l FIG Page
UN General Assembly Urges the Sharing of Geospatial data to Benefit People and Planet

April 2015 l Feature
Beyond Dimensional Limits - reflections, visions and expectations for a dynamic future cadatre
By Daniel Steudler and Xavier Comtesse on behalf if 'Dimension Cadastre', Switzerland

March 2015 l FIG Page
FIG Kick-off Event 2015-2018

March 2015 l Interview
GIM International Interviews Incoming FIG President Chryssy Potsiou: The Surveying Profession Needs to Think Ahead

March 2015
l Entrevista
Entrevista de GIM International a la Presidente Entrante de FIG Chryssy Potsiu - La agrimensura es una profesión que necesita pensar con antelación

Februar 2015
l FIG Page
New FIG leadership and FIG Working Week 2015

January 2015
l FIG Page
Review of FIG-GLTN Workshops in Bangkok

January 2015 l Article
Securing Land Rights for the world is feasible: A New Era in Land Administration Emerges
By Christiaan Lemmen, Rohan Bennett, Robin McLaren and Stig Enemark

December 2014 l Artículo
Cadastro 2014: Los Noventa, Nexos y Futuro
By Rohan Bennett

December 2014 l FIG Page
Let's Solve the Problem in Our Generation

November 2014 l FIG Page
New FIG Publications

October 2014 l FIG Page
Call for Papers for FIG Working Week, May 2015, Bulgaria

September 2014 l FIG Page
Second Young Surveyors Conference

September 2014 l Article
Cadastre 2014: Nineties, Nexus and Next
By Rohan Bennett

September 2014 l IAG Page
Release of Reference Frames in Practice Manual

August 2014 l FIG Page
FIG General Assembly, June 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

July 2014 l FIG Page
LADM.based Software

June 2014 l FIG Page
The Missing Key to Eradicate Poverty

June 2014 l IAG Page
The Growing Importance of PNT

June 2014 l Artículo
Chryssy Potsiou elegida come  nueva presidente de FIG

June 2014 l Artículo
Plantación de árboles para compensar el carbono durente el congreso de la FIG

May 2014 l FIG Page
Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration

April 2014 l FIG Page
Engaging the Challenges, Enhancing the Relevance

April 2014 l Feature
Innovative pro-poor land tools under implementation: Piloting the STDM in Uganda

By Danilo Antonio

March 2014 l FIG Page
Cadastre 2014 at the FIG Congress 2014
February 2014 l FIG Page
New FIG Publication

January 2014 l FIG Page
Don't Miss the XXV FIG Congress in June 2014

January 2014 l IAG
8th Annual Meeting of the International Committee on GNSS

December 2013 l FIG Page
Meeting of Global Land Tool Network Partners

December 2013 l Article
GIM International Interviews Clarissa Augustinus and Teo CheeHai - A Paradigm Shift
By Christiaan Lemmen

November 2013 l FIG Page
Modernising Land Agencies' Budgetary Approaches

October 2013 l FIG Page
The XXV FIG International Congress

September 2013 l FIG Page
Reflecting on the Third Session of UN-GGIM

August 2013 l FIG Page
First Regional Meeting of FIG Young Surveyors Network

July 2013 l FIG Page
STDM Training during the Abuha Working Week & FIG LADM Workshop in Kuala Lumpur

July 2013 l Feature
Fit-for-purpose Land Administration - Builidng Sustainable and Transparent Spatial Frameworks
By Stig Enemark, Denmark

July 2013 l Feature
The Global Cadastre - Improving Transparency in Interntaional Property Markets
By Kevin McDougall, Rohan Bennett and Paul van der Molen

July 2013 l IAG
IAG Commission 4, 'Positioning & Applications'

July 2013 l Report
FIG Workirng Week 2013 in Abuja, Nigeria
By Christian Lemmen and Louise Friis-Hansen

July 2013 l Article
World Bank Conference on land and Poverty 2013
By Robin McLaren

June 2013 l FIG Page
The Engine Behind FIG Become an Honorary Member

June 2013 l Feature
Long Live Modelling! An assessment of the LADM from the Cadastre 2014 Perspective
By Jürg Kaufmann, Switzerland

May 2013 l FIG Page
Reflections on the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty 2013

May 2013 l Feature
Impact on implementation of international policies: Land Administration Domain Model
By Christiaan Lemmen, Peter van Oosterom and Paul van der Molen

April 2013 l FIG Page
World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

April 2013 l Feature
Piloting the STDM in Uganda - Innovative Pro-Poor Tools under Implementation
By Danilo Antonio, UN-Habitat

March 2013 l FIG Page
Collaborating in the Global Land Tool Network

February 2013 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2013, Abuja, Nigeria

January 2013 l FIG Page
Review of 8th FIG Regional Conference in Montevideo

January 2013 l Article
GIM International Interviews Wafula Nabutola - Crowdsourcing: a Wake-up Call for Surveyors
By Christiaan Lemmen

December 2012 l FIG Page
FIG Regional Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay: Youth REsponsiveness in the Land Sector

November 2012 l FIG Page
Participatory and Inclusive Land Readjustment

November 2012 l Feature
Use of Geo-ICT to Tackle Global, National and Local Environmental Issues - Urban Govermance and Climate Change
By Diego Navarra and Paul va den der Molen

October 2012 l FIG Page
FIG Young Surveyors at World Urban Forum 2012

October 2012 l UN-GGIM
Second Session of UN_GGIM Further Acknowledges Role of Geoinformation

September 2012 l FIG Page
FIG News

September 2012 l Feature
Reducing the Cost of Geodetic Monitoring - Developing an Automatic WLAN-based GPS Monitoring System

August 2012 l FIG Page
8th FIG Regional Conference

August 2012 l Feature
The Crowdsoured Cadastre
By Rohan Bennett and Oaul can der Molen, The Netherlands

August 2012 l Report
A Domain Model for Land Administration
By Rohan Bennett

July 2012 l FIG Page
FIG General Assembly in Rome, Italy, May 2012

July 2012 l Report
Be part of the Solution, not the Problem! FIG Working Week, Rome, Italy

June 2012 l FIG Page
FIG Young Surveyors Conference

May 2012 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2012 - High-profile Keynotes

May 2012 l Feature
Greening the Cadastre - Incorporating Natural/Fuzzy Boundaries
By Rohan Bennett and Paul van der Molen, The Netherlands

April 2012 l FIG Page
Key Messages During teh FIG Working Week in Rome

April 2012 l IAG
The IAG and FIG Relationship

April 2012 l Insider's view
Fit for Purpose
By Stig Enemark, Denmark

March 2012 l FIG Page
Spatially Enabled Goverment and Society

March 2012 l Interview
Land Governance Key to Sustainability - GIM International interview Daniel Roberge
By Durk Haarsma, GIM International

February 2012 l FIG Page
First FIG Young Surveyors Conference & The 3rd Cadastral Congress in Warsaw, Poland

April 2011 l FIG Page
The Challenges That Lie Ahead

December 2009 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2009

December 2009 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2009

November 2009 l FIG Page
13th PAQS Conference

September 2009 l FIG Page
The FIG Annual Review

August 2009 l FIG Page
FIG Regional Conference

July 2009 l FIG Page
Facing Challenges

July 2009 l Report
FIG Working Week 2009
By Markky Vilikka

June 2009 l FIG Page
Meeting Millennium Development Goals

April 2009 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2009

December 2008 l FIG Page

November 2008 l FIG page
FIG Working Week 2009

October 2008 l FIG Page
Appraisal and Property Protection

September 2008 l FIG Page
New FIG Officers

September 2008 l Review
Uniting the Generations - FIG Working Week Stockholm

August 2008 l FIG Page
In the Aftermath

July 2008 l FIG Page
State and Public Land Management

June 2008 l FIG Page
Managing Mega-cities

May 2008 l FIG Page
FIG Annual Review

April 2008 l FIG Page
FIG Domain Model with ISO

April 2008 l Interview
FAO Important Partner for FIG - GIM International Inetrviews Dr. Mika-Petteri Törhönen, Land Tenure Officer, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation
By Christiann Lemmen, The Netherlands

March 2008 l FIG Page
Integrating Generations

February 2008 l FIG Page
Global Partnership for Development

January 2008 l FIG Page
6th FIG Regional Conference in San José, Costa Rica

November 2007 l FIG Page
Compulsory Pure hose ond Compensation in Land Aequisition ond Taking

October 2007 l FIG Page
FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting

August 2007 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week 2007

July 2007 l FIG Page
Workshop Informal Settlements

June 2007 l FIG Page
Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2007

May 2007 l FIG Page
Geomatica 2007

April 2007 l FIG Page
Capacity Building

April 2007 l Insider's view
Good Governance: A Central Theme
By Holger Magel

February 2007 l FIG Page
Hand-over Ceremony

October 2006 l Interview
GIM Internationalinterviews FIG President Holger Magel: Well-Grounded Specialised Generalists
By Christiaan Lemmen

October 2006 l FIG Page
Shaping Change

September 2006 l FIG Page
FIG at 3rd World Urban Forum

August 2006 l FIG Page
Joint 12th FIG International Symposium on Deformation Measurements and Analysis/3rd lAG Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

July 2006 l FIG Page
CASLE Conference in Africa

June 2006 l FIG Page
FIG and the UN-Habitat

May 2006 l FIG Page
5th FIG Regional Conference

April 2006 l FIG Page
Enhancing Land Registration and Cadastre and Economic Growth in India

April 2006 l Feature
Early and Active Work by Professional Bodies: FIG Standards Network
By Iain Greeway

March 2006 l FIG Page
XXIII International FIG Congress, German Intergeo

February 2006 l FIG Page
Secure Tenure

February 2006 l Feature
Model for Establishing Tenure Security in Other Countries: Land Administration •In Ethiopia
By Dr Zerfu Hailu and Lennart Backstrom, Environmental Protection, Land Administration and Use Authority, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

January 2006 l FIG Page
FIG President Addresses 43rd CNG Congress

January 2006
Need for Establishing Sustainable National Concepts Understanding the Land Management Paradigm

June 2005 l Review
First FIG and GSDI Joint Conference, Cairo: From Pharaohs to Geoinformatics
By Jacoues Sipkes and Christiaan Lemmen

May 2005 l FIG Page
Croatian Congress on Cadastre and Intergeo-East

March 2005 l FIG Page
FIG Working Week and GSDI-8

February 2005 l FIG Page
Expert Group Meeting on Secure Land Tenure, UN-Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya, 10-12 November 2004

February 2005 l Interview
GIM Internationalinterviews Clarissa Augustinus, UN-HABITAT: New tools in land Administration Are Required
By Christiaan Lemmen

December 2004 l FIG Page
Regional Conferences Find Their Role - "Surveying the Future" a Big Success

November 2004 l FIG Page
Marrakech Declaration on Sustainable Development

September 2004 l FIG Page
Liaison FIG/Interntional Association of Geodesy (IAG)