History of Surveying and Measurement


Much of the subject of surveying (as defined under the entry for FIG ) is related to the use of scientific instruments. Interest goes back some 3000 years to the various simple equipment used to reestablish field boundaries after the annual floods of the river Nile or to build tunnels, aquaducts and other structures, the remains of which can be found in parts of the Middle East today. From simple squares, water levels and the like the profession has progressed through many forms of theodolite and level, quadrant, astrolabe, zenith sector, plane table and numerous other instruments. Many of these will be found in such reference works as:

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Technical papers on particular instruments can be found in a wide range of journals but there are few books devoted just to instruments. For those with interest in the instruments and makers of the USA a regular column by Silvio Bedini in the journal American Surveyor has been going since 1985, now gathered together in the book above.

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From L'Henry-metre. H de Suberville, 1598. Courtesy Jan de Graeve.