FIG Commission 7 - Cadastre and Land Management

Working Group 7.3
Cadastral Template 2.0 and the SDGs

Policy Issues

Since 2003, and by mandate of Resolution 4 of the 16th UNRCC-AP in Okinawa, Japan, Commission 7 with the support of Melbourne University has maintained a repository of information about cadastre systems across the world in the website Commission 7 members have been instrumental in maintaining this information and today there is information for over 50 countries. The relevance of the Cadastral Template platform has been renewed by the United Nations GGIM expert meeting in New York (2018) in where a resolution was approved to support use as a supporting mechanism to track the progress on achieving the sustainable development goals.


Daniel Steudler, Switzerland with the support of Abbas Rajabifard, Australia


What we are working on -

  • Modernization of the technical platform
  • Development of indicators relevant to SDGs
  • Development of information updating mechanisms
  • Update information on the website -

What's New

Tracking SDGs

FIG has been committed for a long time to support the UN and many other international organizations in achieving the SDGs globally. SDGs are not just for developing countries, many developed nations have committed to them as they have an important role to play in the climate crisis.

Since 2002 Commission 7 has been helping countries in benchmarking their land administration systems. During the time of Ian Williamson as Chair of the Commission, was created by Daniel Steudler from the Swiss Cadastre in 2002 (almost 20 years ago!). After all these years, Commission 7 has continued with this effort and it is now working with Professor Abbas Rajabifard from Melbourne University in new indicators and systems to track land-related SDGs in the context of community resilience.

Commission 7 has already developed a workplan with professor Rajabifard and we expect testing of some of the new developments during 2020 for deployment in the cadastretemplate platform in 2021.