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FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting

23 September, 2021

FIG Commission 7 held its 2021 Annual Meeting on 23rd September. The event was in conjunction with the 20-year celebration for the Centre for SDIs and Land Administration at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

For the second year running the meeting was a fully online activity with 70 participants logging in from around the globe. The streamlined event was used to update delegates and friends of Commission 7 on global developments in land administration over the past year, and to also start focusing attention for the next Chair period (2023-26).

Dr. Eugene Chigbu delivered a presentation on the Urban-Rural Linkages – Guiding Principles report from UN-Habitat. Dr. Eva-Maria Unger along with Mr. Kees de Zeeuw, Chair of the Expert Group and Land Administration and Management, UN-GGIM (and Director Kadaster International, Netherlands), provided an update on further developments surrounding the UN-GGIM Framework for Effective Land Administration (FELA). This included new translations into Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, and direct applications in the renewal of Mexico’s land laws.

Prof. Peter van Oosterom spoke on ISO 19152 LADM Edition 2 initiatives, the 3D Cadastre Working Group, and the upcoming 16th 3D-GeoInfo Conference.

Prof. Stig Enemark, along with Prof. Robin McLaren and Prof. Lemmen, outlined the drivers and contents for the recently completed Special Issue on ‘Fit for Purpose Land Administration’ published in the international recognized ‘Land’ journal. With two volumes and around 30 papers, the Special Issue represents a great reference for practitioners and scholars working on developing land administration systems in developing contexts. A number of brief country reports were also delivered.



Welcome and introductions




FIG C7 2021 Activities and Achievements; inc. WG updates; Q&A

Daniel Paez


08:20 – 08:50

Global Developments in Urban and Rural Tenure Rights / UN-Habitat; inc. Q&A

Eugene Chigbu


08:50 – 09:10

Developments on the Framework for Effective Land Administration / UNGGIM; inc. Q&A

Eva Maria Unger and Kees de Zeeuw


09:10 – 09:30

3D Cadastres and LADM II / ISO and GDMC; inc. Q&A

Peter van Oosterom


09:30 – 09:40





Fit for Purpose Land Administration – Special Issue Update and Mini-Launch

Stig Enemark, Robin McLaren, Chrit Lemmen


10:00 – 10:30

Country-Level and Other R&D Updates 

Open Forum; 3-minutes per speaker


10:30 – 10:50

Future Gazing - Vision, Planning and Brainstorming for C7 2022 and beyond

Rohan Bennett


10:50 – 11:00

Wrap-Up and Looking Ahead



See the full meeting here.

We want your input

The session rounded out with a brief brainstorming discussion – and also an invitation to partake in a questionnaire to help form the directions of Commission 7 in the coming period. It is not too late to complete the survey – and you can access it here:


Nanna Jørgensen
October 2021