FIG Young Surveyors Asia Pacific Network




The Asian Pacific Network is a very active, lively
and vibrant Network. There are a lot of meetings and activities already planned for the upcoming years. So stay tuned and involved!

Work Plan 2015-2018

Asian Pacific Network Contacts

During the XXV FIG Congress the FIG Young Surveyors Asian Pacific Network (YSNAP) was established. 18 countries were represented during this event and after the country reports and a forum discussion the goals for the Asian Pacific network were identified.

  • A network strengthening program
  • Identify opportunities for collaborative events in the region
  • Establish a regional social media platform on Facebook
  • Capacity development of Young Surveyors focussing on challenges in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Exploring funding opportunities to support the events organised by the YSNAP


Young Surveyors Network Asia Pacific

FIG Young Surveyors Network


1st FIG Young Surveyors Asian Pacific Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia