FIG Young Surveyors Network

How to become active

There are two ways to be an active FIG YS:

  1. Get in contact with your national surveying association and tell them that you want to be an active member of the network.

  2. Just by being active! Join all or one of YSN social media channels, write an e-mail to with your ideas and let us know who you are.

  FIG Young Surveyors FIG Young Surveyors Network Fig_young


Being active in such a worldwide network has multiple benefits:

  • the Network - as we are continuously growing and can ensure that we are meeting all the various professional interests
  • the FIG commissions - as we are bringing them ‘fresh blood’
  • the National Associations - as through supporting you and you gathering international experience, you are well prepared to become one of the future leaders
  • You - there is nothing better than having a worldwide network in your professional career especially in the beginning. Through experiencing personal contact with world leading surveying professionals you will learn more than you could ever possibly by study alone.