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Vice President Diane Dumashie

In the April 2015 issue of the Civil Engineering Surveyor Magazine, published by ICES, Diane Dumashie talks about working across two continents and her new challenge as vice president of FIG. Read the interview...

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Diane Dumashie
Nationality:  British/Ghanaian
Current Position: Chartered Surveyor

The FIG General Assembly elected at its meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June 2014 Dr. Diane Dumashie as FIG Vice President for a four-year term of office 1.1.2015-31.12.2018

The FIG General Assembly elected at its meeting in Istambul, Turkey in May 2018 Dr. Diane Dumashie as FIG Vice President for a four-year term of office 1.1.2019-31.12.2022

Board Responsibilities
Qualifications and professional affiliations
  • 2011 CEDR Accredited Mediator
  • 2003 Fellow, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS)
  • 2002 Associate of AMP (Association of Project Managers)
  • 2001 PhD University of Wales: Thesis: Strategic Business management: Landowners, Local authorities and Coastal Zone Management.
  • 1984 B.Sc. Estate & Property Management- University of Central England.

Diane is widely acknowledged as a creative and strategic business thinker with a proven ability to lead and manage change, to energise and resolve complex issues and deliver successful outcomes for all stakeholders.  This has led her into the field of knowledge transfer including designing and facilitating workshops for National and Local government to adapt to organisational change, helping Professionals and grassroots organisations to accommodate global drivers and leading study visits for Business and Ministry senior teams to assess in country context and strategic next steps. 

Diane is passionate in her commitment to sub Saharan African , assisting in programs to alleviate poverty and/ or facilitate gender equality in land and property.  Her focus on Africa, is through applied land economics and enjoys providing leadership to stimulate global collaboration, to build key stakeholder relationships at both global donor agencies and multi national corporation levels. 

Deriving strength from a broad commercial background Diane has a proven track record of success in initiating, managing and delivering urban and rural based economic and regeneration projects within the UK and Africa ensuring that knowledge is transferred to client teams. 

Diane has led many large and complex development projects in the public, private commercial and NGO sectors.  Such projects have seen me assume the responsibility as a trusted Senior Advisor to Corporate Boards and SME’s alike, giving me an in-depth and diverse knowledge across a wide range of commercial businesses and in particular the coastal industry and housing.  Her Board level experience extends across professional member organisations and Trusts.  

Summary of FIG involvement
  • Chair, Africa Task force (2009-2014)
  • Convener & FIG lead for SIDS workshop 2010 Chair, Commission 8 (2007-2010)
  • Chair, Commission 8 (2007 -10)
  • Chair, Commission 8 (2004 -2006)
  • Vice chair, commission 8 (1998-2009)
  • Member, Task Force on Governance (2004-2006)
Publications and conferences
  • 2002- International Federation of Surveyors, Washington Congress Commission 8: Decision support Systems combining land use planning and CZM.
  • 2002 – Property Rights, Economics and Environment-Coastal Zone: Rapport & Paper, Strategic Management at the Coast.
  • 2001- International Federation of Surveyors, Seoul Working Week Commission 8: Mega cities
  • 2000- International Federation of Surveyors, Prague Working Week Commission 9: Coastal Industrialised Land Development in the UK.
  • 1998 International Federation of Surveyors, Land Commission 7: Coastal Land Management: Sustainable practices in the public and private sectors achieving a balance in management and planning.
  • 1998 Littoral (Barcelona) –Sustainable waterfront and coastal development in Europe, socio- economic technical and environmental aspects.
  • 1995 International Conference Coastal Zone ((Florida), Building CZM partnerships.
  • 1994 World Wide Fund for Nature (UK), A Review of UK Coastal Plans.
  • 1993 Author of A Coastal Directory of Local Planning Authorities: A review of local planning authority plans and partnerships in Coastal Zone Management on behalf of the Royal Yachting Association.
  • 1993 International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), Marine Policy in the State of Hawaii.
  • Technical presentations to various Commercial multi- national property Board’s and Main Board
  • Publications in National journals and International year books (EEZ).
Board and Committee position
  • 2013 – 15 RICS Governing Council Board Member 
  • 2012- 2017 Board Member of UN Habitat Advisory Group on Gender Initiatives (AGGI)
  • 2009/14 Chairman FIG African Task Force
  • 2008/10 Elected as Chairman of FIG Commission 8; Spatial Planning and Development.
  • 2008/10 Board member of RICS Environment Professional Group
  • 2006/14 Chairman RICS delegation to FIG
  • 2006/10 Chairman working Group 8.3 FIG, Informal settlements, Development and plannin
  • 2006/10 Board member of RICS Presidents Commission on Climatic Disaster Management
  • 2004/06 Elected as Chairman of FIG Commission 8; Spatial Planning and Development
  • 2003/04 Committee Member RICS Southwest Regional Board.
  • 2002/06 FIG Commission 8 UK delegate; Spatial planning and development and chair of Working group focussing on Urbanisation/ Cities, coasts & natural hazards and Informal settlements.
  • 2001/04 Committee member of the RICS Local Faculty Group, Wessex region.
  • 2000/04 Chair of FIG Comm. 8.3 Working Group Planning & Development of Mega- Global Cities.
  • 1999/02 Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Working Party: Coastal Defence & Flood Protection.
  • 1995/00 RICS Committee member: Marine Resource Management Skills Panel.
  • 1996/00 RICS Committee member: Planning and Development Market Panel.
  • 1995/8 International Federation of Surveyors Commission 7.
  • 1988 Chair of Victoria Wine Working party - Strategic Flat Letting Policy.
Key specialist fields
  • Land economist, Land use development & regeneration, Feasibility studies, Project management, Mediator, Institutional Development (and Workshop Designer/ facilitator) Property development & Marine and Coastal management

Professional history
  • Director Dumashie LTD (1999- to date)
  • Planning and Economic Development Consultancy (1996- 1999)
  • Corporate Property Director/ Senior Surveyor Manager (1990 -1995)
  • Various technical, business and managerial roles, in corporate and private sector (1984-1995)

Dr Diane Dumashie
Dumashie LTD
Keta Lodge
Grange Road
BH20 5DG
United Kingdom
Mb + 44 0797 424 7748

 09 March 2015