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The Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the technologies emerging in daily life such as machine learning, AI and robotics; new challenges are at the doorstep for the societies. For millennia surveyors managed to benefit the technological advancements to answer the changing needs in respect of geospatial data/information for the societies. Yet, output of the ongoing revolutions are expected to change professions and working cultures deeply, perish some occupations and bring new ones into daylight.

International Federation of Surveyors is a well-established society, which is aware of this wave of change approaching for a long period. This issue has been addressed in many events of the FIG, Commissions and Young Surveyors Network. To contribute these efforts, the new working group will maintain the link with the changing role of surveyor in the society based on the near future geospatial technologies and next generations within the scope of the Commission 3 Spatial Information Management.

The working group should be considered as a respond to contribute to the technological and organizational skills for the changing needs of the surveyors to exist in the dawn of the new industrial era and produce together with inter generations of geospatial professionals in Commission 3. Therefore, this working group will be able to work with various professional level groups together with the other Com. 3 Working Groups where it is possible.



Cemal Özgür Kivilcim, Turkey

Specific topics

The proposed working group will work to bring along a synergy of young professionals into Com. 3 activities, an awareness of the new professional perspectives with good applications in industry, with along Commission events and stand-alone activities. It should be also seen as a platform for the continuum of the members of the new generation geospatial professionals who are aware of the society through various ways and FIG Young Surveyors Network and who are willing to take next level of experiences by contributing to FIG under Commission 3 topics.

The events should be considered in digital and in physical forms. The working group could propose and organize events such as online/in demand podcasts and trainings as well as workshops/trainings. Further to this, competitions related to innovative geospatial solutions and ideas/applications may be organized through online or during events. Additional standalone events may be proposed through the term. The events should be specific to Commission 3 topics and they should be considered not to conflict with the existing ones such as organized by FIG Young Surveyors Network.

The working group require to use the social media efficiently to make sure itself and Commission 3 activities are circulated and as well as trustworthy geospatial developments may be circulated (such as from sister and regional organizations or industry specific applications) through group channels. The working group members should seek possible support from geospatial industry and academia, as well as their affiliated organizations and national FIG members. However, support from working groups and commission 3 as well as FIG Foundation might be considered to support possible needs if needed such as participation to events of WG members with the approval of Commission 3 and related authority (FIG Council and FIG Foundation).


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