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FIG Commission 8 Publications


FIG Publications produced by Commission 8

FIG PUBLICATION NO. 63: The Africa Task Force
FIG Report, 2014

This publication as a .pdf-file (36 pages - 1.3 MB)

FIG PUBLICATION NO. 55: Spatial Planning in Coastal Regions. Facing the Impact of Climate Change
FIG Report, 2010

This publication as a .pdf-file (60 pages - 1.53 MB)

FIG PUBLICATION NO. 53: Sydney Agenda for Action. Small Island Developing States and the Millennium Development Goals: Building the Capacity
FIG Report, 2010

This publication as a .pdf-file (36 pages - 890 KB)

FIG PUBLICATION NO. 42: Informal Settlements: The Road towards More Sustainable Places
FIG Report, 2008

This publication as a .pdf-file (26 pages - 475 KB)

FIG PUBLICATIONS NO. 38: The Contribution of the Surveying Profession to Disaster Risk Management
FIG Report, 2006

This publication in B5 format as .pdf-document (700 KB)

  FIG PUBLICATIONS NO. 21: The Bathurst Declaration on Land Administration for Sustainable Development