FIG Commission 7

FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting and Seminar on Land Redistribution in Southern Africa - Picture Gallery

Pretoria, South Africa, November 4-9 2002

FIG Commission 7 organised its annual meeting and a two day-Symposium November 6-7, 2002 on the 'how to do' question of land re-distribution in Southern Africa. The target group for this Symposium were land managers, land surveyors and related professions. The aim was to focus on the operational and technical aspects of the land re-distribution process. This question has been raised amongst others at the FIG Washington congress by land surveyors from the region (April, 2002) and also at the World Bank Workshop on Land Issues in Kampala (April/May, 2002).

The Symposium was supported by FAO and included contributions from representatives of the World Bank, FAO and many senior academics, bureaucrats and practitioners.

Picture Gallery

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Dr. G. P. Mayende; Director General Land Affairs, SA welcomes the participants.
Mr. Paul Marschall, President SA Council for Surveyors gives and overview of the professional situation in South Africa.
Participants at the Annual Meeting: Andras Ossko, Mikko Uimomen, Søren Fauerholm Christensen and Sam Zhou.
Prof. Wojciech Wilkowski presents the annual report from Poland.
Breakout session.
Chair Prof. Paul van der Molen and Chief Surveyor General / Co-host Mr. Apie van den Berg.
Technical excursion: Soweto / The Hector Pieterson Monument.
Commission 7 dinner.
Mrs. Pauline van Elsland and Ms. Marie Niemand during registration.
Venue of the Symposium: Burgers Park Hotel, The Africa House, Pretoria.
Chair of FIG Commission 7: Prof. Paul van der Molen.
Discussion panel at the end of a session.
The Symposium on land redistribution in Southern Africa.
Dinner at the Burgers Park Hotel.