FIG Commission 6

INGEO 2004

Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 11-13 November 2004

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Dr. Alojz Kopacik was in charge for the arrangements of INGEO 2004.

The 3rd International Conference on Engineering Surveying INGEO 2004 was held November 11-13 in Bratislava, Slovakia. INGEO 2004 was organised by FIG Commission 6 and Department of Surveying, SUT, Bratislava, Slovakia. Dr. Alojz Kopcik, Dr. Thomas Wunderlich, and Dr. Lothar Grundig had put a lot of effort in making this conference to a professional success. 39 papers were presented and representatives from more than 15 countries participated in this well organized event. Also IAG contributed to the conference with some skilled presentations.

The presentations included topics as data processing, terrestrial lasers canning, information systems and facility management, control measurements, industry surveys and applications, total stations in kinematic mode and GPS-measurements and applications.

Thursday evening all the participants were send 250 years back in time to a memorable evening with historic dances and music performed by the “Reminiscence” group.

After the presentations Friday following conclusions of the conference were drawn:

  • The conference had been a success. All presented papers were innovative and of relevant scientific value. The majority of speakers were young researchers with a prosperous perspective for future scientific progress.
  • A wide spectrum of engineering surveying issues was addressed with special focus on new technologies and methods.
  • The proposed observation procedures and processing methods were clearly expressed and supported by successful practical applications
  • Interdisciplinary requirements and aspects should be taken into account to even larger extent.
  • There is a basis for a 4th INGEO joint event of FIG, IAG and other professional organisations

Saturday was scheduled for technical excursions: One heading for the construction site of the new bridge and tunnel construction in Bratislava, another for the Gabcikovo hydro-power station. The one I had the joy to attend went to the Gabcikovo. For both my professional and a personal point of view this was a very successful tour. Thanks to Stefan Lukac and Michaela Korbasova for their efforts in providing the participants an unforgettable experience.

Last but not least a very special thanks to Dr. Alojz Kopacik and Michaela Korbasova for putting a lot of effort in bringing INGEO to a well organized success.

The presentations from the conference can be found on the FIG web site at

Henrik Vad Jensen
26 November 2004

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Cultural programme of INGEO 2004.

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Participants participated actively in the sessions and discussions.

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Dr. Michaela Korbasova.