FIG Commission 10 - Construction Economics and Management

Term 2011-2014

Hightlights Commission Chair
The commission has in this term concentrated on the following themes:  Mr. Robert Sinkner, Czech Republic

Construction technologies, methodologies and livable cities; Improving conditions in informal settlement with innovative construction methodologies; Large size construction management support by surveyors; Green Management, Green Contracts and Procurement; Sustainable housing, “green building” programmes and indexes; Innovative house building and mass customisation in housing; Whole Life Cycle Assessment; and Publicising and promoting the work of surveyors to the public, particularly young people, governments and non-governmental organisations, and enhance its perception of the value of surveyors and the services that they deliver.

During the term a new topic was introduced, BIM – Building Information Modelling, and at the Congress 2014 a special session on BIM was organized with an overwhelming participation.

Work Plan

Terms of reference

  • Construction economics including Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, Cost Engineering and Management, Estimating and Tendering (Bidding)
  • Commercial management including Procurement, Risk Management and Contract Law for construction and non construction activity
  • Construction Law and Negotiation
  • Project and programme management including Planning / Scheduling

Mission statement

The mission of Commission 10 is:

  • To advance the professional practice of surveyors working in all disciplines of Construction Economics, Commercial Management and Project Management
  • To research and identify “best practice” of surveyors working in different cultures and economies
  • Broaden the activity from “British” part of the world to Middle and East Europe, Asia and Africa etc.
  • To bring greater focus to commercial and project management.

Work Plan

Key Documents

Working Groups

Working Group 10.1 - Construction Economics

 Policy Issues

  • Map skills and knowledge process for both Quantity Surveyors and Building Surveyors
  • Research current practice in differing cultures and economies to develop and publish generic guidelines as to “best practice”
  • To monitor and, if possible, join and contribute to research projects being carried out by others.
  • Minority and gender issues and enhancing representation of under-represented groups.


Ms. Sara Wilkinson, Australia, e-mail: s.wilkinson[at]

Working Group 10.2 - Commercial Management

Policy Issues

  • To study, analyse and compare different procurement models and publish generic guidelines as to “best practice”.


Ms. Tzena Y. C. Wong, Hong Kong SAR, China

Working Group 10.3 - Project and Programme Management

Policy Issues

  • To describe and compare different Project Management methods and publish generic guidelines as to “best practice”
  • To describe and detail a “best practice” model for the successful management of multi-project programmes in both developed and developing economies.


Mr. Michael Kwando Frimpong, Ghana

Working Group 10.4 – Green Management

Policy Issues

  • To describe and compare different Green Management methods and publish the green project worldwide


Mr. Hock Hai Kwan, Malaysia, e-mail: kwanhh[at]