Global Surveyors' Day


21 March is the Global Surveyors’ Day where the importance of a surveyor, their job and the work field is highlighted and celebrated.

It is the hope that this day is being celebrated around the world.

FIG wishes all the best for all these events and activities, hoping that this will help emphasise the many contributions by surveyors and the surveying profession in all aspects of life.

Happy Global Surveyors' Day!



How will you be celebrating the Global Surveyors' Day?

If you are celebrating this day or have organised activities for the promotion of the work of the surveyors in your country or region, we encourage you to submit and share your Global Surveyors Day activities at

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Iran - Report



Sri Lanka - Report

Iran - Report


Sofia, Bulgaria - Report



Kathmandu, Nepal - Report

Washington, DC, United States

Several organisations, hereunder especially CLGE and NSPS, supported by FIG, decided that it is very important for the world to reflect on the work that surveyors do. It is essential to know what impact all the many various kinds of surveyors can have all over the world.

The first edition of Global Surveyors’ Day was specially marked at the Land and Poverty Conference at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC USA on Wednesday, 21 March 2018. We are very honored and thankful that the World Bank agreed to host this Premiere event. Report


Iran - Report