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Happy World Surveyors Day 2021 from the VCSP!

Happy Global Surveyors Day from the Volunteer Community Surveyor Program (VCSP) Team to you.

The celebration of the Global Surveyors day is a great opportunity to donate to this global outreach program. One that works with their partners to give young surveyors opportunities to volunteer their time and skills toward humanitarian and environmental causes. Please enjoy this video made by the VCSP team, where the explain how your donation can make a difference.

The FIG Young Surveyors Volunteer Community Surveyors Program (VCSP) is currently seeking funding for upcoming projects. The VCSP is a non-profit organization run by volunteers under the FIG young surveyors network.

As a volunteer-run group who are driven to make the world a better place through humanitarian surveying, VCSP strongly appreciate any support you can give them - from €10 to €10,000, each donation will make a difference to the cause - to map the world a better place.

Donate here

For more information about the FIG Volunteer Communitu Surveyor Program, please visit

Claudia Stormoen
March 2021