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Corporate Member of the Month - December 2021

09 December, 2021

Congratulations to GIS/Transport, Ltd. who are this Month Corporate Member

The 'FIG Corporate Member of the Month' in December 2021is GIS/Transport, Ltd, Congratulations!

GIS/Transport, Ltd has been a member of FIG since 2017 and has in that period shown great interest in the work done by FIG.

We have received the following from GIS/Transport, Ltd.:

About GIS/Transport, Ltd.

GIS/Transport, Ltd. ( develops innovative tools and implements integrated information solutions to address spatial information challenges. GIS/Transport operates in Africa and the Middle East with offices in Nigeria, Uganda, Lebanon, and Iraq.

GIS / Transport has designed, built and operated the most successful GIS and Land Administration agencies in Nigeria. GIS/Transport is providing Enterprise GIS and Land Management solutions to the state governments of Nasarawa, Kaduna, Gombe, Oyo, Edo and Benue, and the Federal Government of Uganda. GIS / Transport works with several international space agencies to provide high resolution satellite imagery and the associated value-added services. As well, the company is the representative of almost all satellite imagery providers, the imagery processing software PCI Geomatica and Vexcel photogrammetric cameras in Nigeria.

What we do.

The GIS/Transport turnkey solution delivers fully functioning, modern land administration agencies to state governments and federal organizations, and ensures quick wins, including increased revenue generation, property management and digital mapping services. Robust project management ensures the efficient delivery of the required infrastructures, service organization, data and products, with continuous on the ground supervision.

GIS/Transport has developed an open source land administration system, MERLIN, a web application designed for the purpose of automating land administration related operations. MERLIN covers all aspects of Land Administration including DMS (Document management System), FTMS (File Tracking and Management System), TDP (Title Deed Plan), CofO, Land Transactions, Customer Care, Call Centre, Legal Searches, Revenue Management, Valuation and Compensation.

The GIS/Transport turnkey solution comprises several common elements that together secure the stability of the agency. These include the:

  • design and renovation (or build) of office infrastructure
  • supply, configuration, installation and networking of technical infrastructure
  • deployment of customized software packages
  • planning and acquisition of digital imagery (orthophoto and satellite), and delivery of a base map
  •  transport infrastructure for fieldwork
  • capacity building for client staff

The sustainability of the new agency is paramount for GIS/Transport. The company is committed to implementing international-standard systems and processes which comprehensively work in sync with one another. This along with deploying a well-trained and professional staff ensures a failure-proof launch and self-sustaining operation.

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Nanna Jørgensen
December, 2021