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Opening of the 11th Training Summer School in Naples, Italy

20 July, 2020, Naples, Italy

Opning of the Summer School under COVID_19 conditions.

FIG-President Rudolf Staiger was invited by our Italian member CNG (Consiglio Nazionale dei Geometri e Geometri Laureati) to be part of the official opening of the 11th Training Summer School in Italy which this year took place 20-31 July 2020. The Italian Training Summer Schools have a long tradition and are dedicated to the conjuncture between surveying and architecture with a strong focus on photogrammetry and laser scanning.

Despite all the challenges around COVID-19 our Italian colleagues decided to held this workshop in real presence mode. The attendance was as expected not so well as in the years before, but the chief organizer and spiritual father of this event, Prof. Pietro Grimaldi, welcomed young colleagues and students from Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Italy.

Italy was hit heavily by COVID-19, especially during the first months of the outbreak of the pandemic. However, for the presidents of the regional Colleges from Naples, Caserta, Bari and Matera it was very important to support this event. They underlined the importance of forming the next generation of surveyors.

Rudolf Staiger pointed out that on one hand the pandemic is dangerous and should not be played down, but on the other hand having this summer school in real mode is a positive sign towards the future of our profession and our activities. The FIG-foundation was also supporting this event.

For further information about the summer school please have a look at the website:

The event also included virtual elements - Rudolf Staiger, Maria Scorza and Enrico Rispoli connect with John Hohol, president of FIG Foundation, who gave an online presentation

The regional presidents of CNG together wtih Enrico Rispoli

FIG President Rudolf Staiger with the organisers of the summer school in Naples


Rudolf Staiger
August 2020