News in 2018

FIG General Assembly 2018

6 and 11 May 2018

As part of FIG Congress 2018 the FIG General Assembly 2018 was held with a record number of delegates. In the first General Assembly on 6 may 59 member associations were represented, and in the second a total of 73 member associations were present during the General Assembly and the votings.

The Congress 2018 marked the final year for FIG President Chryssy Potsiou and her council as well as commission chairs.

Election of new President and two Vice Presidents

The incoming Council from left: President Elect Rudolf Staiger, Vice President elect Jixian Zhang, FIG President Chryssy Potsiou, VP Orhan Ercan VP - and VP elect Diane Dumashie and VP Mikael Lilje

During the first General Assembly on 6 May all candidates for the various position had a chance to present themselves and the election took place at the 2nd General Assembly on 11 May. All delegates had to walk five times to the voting boxes in front of the podium to elect. Elected were:

  • Rudolf Staiger, DVW Germany

Vice Presidents:

  • Diane Dumashie, RICS, UK
  • Jixian Zhang, CSSMG, China

A special thanks to the nominated - the general assembly had to make a difficult choice between very good and qualified candidates.

New commission chairs

The incoming commission chairs from left: Winnie Shiu (com1), David Mitchell (com2), Hartmut Müller (com3), Dan Roman (com 5), Maria João Henriques (com6), Marije Louwsma (com8), Melissa Harrington (Young Surveyors), Ben Elder (com9), Diane Dumashie (council representative to the Commission chairs).

8 commission chairs were elected at the General Assembly and one was appointed by FIG Council as there were no candidates at the deadline of the call for nominees:

  1. Winnie Shiu, CSSMG, China
  2. David Mitchell , SSSI Australia (appointed)
  3. Hartmut Müller, DVW, Germany
  4. vacant (FIG Council will appoint)
  5. Dan Roman, NSPS, USA
  6. Maria João Henriques, OE-CEG, Portugal
  7. Daniel Paez, CSS, Columbia
  8. Marije Louwsma, GIN, the Netherlands
  9. Ben Elder, RICS, UK
  10. Alan Muse, RICS, UK

A large thanks to the current commission chairs for their hard and efficient work during the last four years, and a warm welcome to the chairs elects.

FIG Congress venue 2022

The local organising committee 2022 - Cape Town South Africa.

The election for the destination for the FIG Congress 2022 was looked very much forward to as it was very difficult to predict the possible winner. It was a close run, and the persons behind both bids: Orlando, Florida and Cape Town, South Africa had done a lot to promote their destination both beforehand and during the congress. This part made the congress even more exciting and lively. Finally it was decided by the General Assembly that the Congress 2022 will take place in Cape Town, South Africa.

Thanks again to both bidders for submitting a bid and for the very good and special atmosphere that you created during the congress.

The general assembly also admitted two new Member Assoications:

  • General Commission for Survey (GCS), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia MA-10133
  • Afghan Surveyors Association (ASA), Afghanistan

Welcome to FIG.

We also welcome the following new Affiliate, Academic, Corporate and Correspondents:

  • Danish Geo Data Agency, Denmark – AF-20063
  • Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom – AF-20064 
  • Survey of India (AF-)
  • Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON) (AF-)
  • RKSOFT Turkey (CM-30070)
  • National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (AC)
  • Jean Pierre Habiyaremye, Rwanda (correspondent)

Louise Friis-Hansen
14 May 2018