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FIG publication - Best Practices 3D Cadastres 

April 2018

We are happy to bring you the result of the publication from the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) joint commission 3 ‘Spatial Information Management’ and commission 7 ‘Cadastre and Land Management’ Working Group on 3D Cadastres. The FIG publication '3D Cadastres Best Practices' provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the newcomers and experts in the 3D Cadastres community.

At the end of the two most recent 4-year terms, it was decided to collect the best-known practices in a single FIG publication. Key authors were invited to lead a chapter on one of the following topics:

  • Chapter 1. Legal foundations (Dimitrios Kitsakis),
  • Chapter 2. Initial Registration of 3D Parcels (Efi Dimopoulou),
  • Chapter 3. 3D Cadastral Information Modelling (Peter van Oosterom),
  • Chapter 4. 3D Spatial DBMS for 3D Cadastres (Karel Janečka), and
  • Chapter 5. Visualization and New Opportunities (Jacynthe Pouliot).

The mentioned lead authors have each teamed-up with a group of authors to produce their chapters. A lot of inspiration was found in the earlier 3D Cadastres activities of FIG, such as the various 3D Cadastres workshops, the two 3D Cadastres questionnaires, and the presentations and publications at the 3D Cadastres sessions at every FIG Conference.

The result may be there. An extensive FIG publication of about 250 pages written in the English language.

Based on this version, a short version is made of approximately 80 pages. This version will ultimately be made available as FIG publication in both printed form (paper) and soft copy (pdf.)

The full version of the publication can be found here.

During the FIG Congress 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey is each chapter going to be presented by one of the authors.

When the short version is finalized, it will be uploaded here.

This publication as a .pdf-file (258 pages - 11,353 Kb)