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FIG President Potsiou meets with all 6 Russian FIG members

15-18 June 2015, Irkutsk, Russia

FIG Russian Members

FIG has 6 active members from Russia. During her visit to Irkutsk amazingly all the Russian members had arranged a meeting with FIG President Chryssy and Prof Ioannidis. The members are : “Scientific aerogeodetical enterprise “Meridian+” Ltd., Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK), Rosreestr, SRO NP “Cadastral engineers”, State University of Land Use Planning (SULUP) and Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies (SSUGT)
IV All-Russian annual Congress of cadastral engineers

On the15-18 of June the IV All-Russian annual Congress of cadastral engineers - the main event in Russian cadaster in 2015 - took place in Irkutsk.

The Congress goals included among other: discussion about the cadastral issues and possible ways for their solution, consideration of the state policy in the field of real estate registration, cadastral activities and self-regulation of the profession, the procedures and employers, and also planning the further development of the profession of cadastral engineers.

The Congress was held in Irkutsk, the “gate” of Lake Baikal, which is a specially protected natural resort and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the round-table sessions was dedicated on the “legal assistance for the specially protected natural area taking into account state cadastral registration”. The questions concerning changes in the activity of a cadastral engineer due to the major challenges such as “urbanization” and the “global climate change” were also addressed during the meeting.

This Congress included one plenary session, 6 round-table sessions, 4 technical sessions and 4 working group meetings with more than 100 presentations in total. About 400 delegates from over 50 regions of Russia participated in the Congress, and among them about 85 young (under 35) surveyors.

Plenary session - Irkutsk
At the plenary session

Potsiou and Kislov
FIG President Potsiou together with president of SRO NP “Cadastral engineers” V.S. Kislov

Young surveyors Russia

Meeting with the Russian Young Surveyors

At the plenary session, titled “Development and perfection of cadastral engineers institution”, the participants discussed the changes in the Russian legislation affecting cadaster. At the round-table sessions the delegates also worked out the solutions for the current problems, shared information about new technologies and also proposed some amendments to the legal acts, which will be submitted for evaluation to the legislative authorities.

The international delegation included presentations by the president of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Dr. Chryssy A. Potsiou, the vice-president of EGoS Nikos Zaharias and professor Charalambos Ioannidis from the National Technical University, Athens.

The Russian delegation included presentations by the vice-president of Rosreestr S.G.Miroshnichenko, the vice-president of FSBI “Federal cadastral chamber” Litvintzev K.A., the Minister of the Property Relations of Irkutsk region A.A.Protasov, the head of Irkutsk department of Rosreestr Zherdev V.P. and other officials.

Visit to FSBI branch in Angarsk

The international guests visited FSBI branch “Irkutsk region’s FKP” in Angarsk. They got acquainted with the procedure of the state cadastral registration in Russia and heard several presentations made by employees of Cadastral Chamber. FIG President, Prof Chryssy Potsiou, presented the FIG motto: “Ensuring the Rapid Response to Change, Ensuring the Surveyor of Tomorrow”; she also presented the “FIG Work Plan for 2014-2018”, and she gave a speech on “Climate Change and Cadastre”. FIG President met with the Russian Young Cadastral Surveyors and discussed their more active participation in the international activities. Dr. Potsiou emphasized the importance of the involvement of young specialists in the activities of the FIG YSs Network and the detailed training courses and gave information about the initiatives of the FIG Foundation.

Prof Ioannidis gave a presentation on a recent research in NTUA, in the field of developing a 5d LIS tool to deal with urban land readjustment of property rights. In turn, the vice-president of EGoS Nikos Zaharias reported about the present and possible future of cadaster in Greece, and in addition Denis Zhukov – the head of State real estate registration department of GUP “National cadastral agency” of State Committee on Property of Belarus – presented a review about a progress of cadaster in the Republic of Belarus. Participants also exchanged their views on these and other urgent problems taking place in cadaster nowadays.

FIG President and the international delegation also visited two companies in Irkutsk. The first one - East Siberian aerogeodetical enterprise demonstrated the huge on-going project of gass-pipe in East Siberia, using aerial photos, making orthophotos and laser scanning processes. The enterprise has up-to-date equipment, for example UAVs.

The staff of the second – small private company SPC “Zemlemer” Ltd. – showed and explained their activities: preparation of documents for state cadastral registration, land surveying and advisory activity.

Meeting with all Russian FIG members

On the 17th of June there was the meeting of FIG president Dr. Chryssy A. Potsiou with the representatives of all Russian FIG-members:

  • Tikhonov V.V. – “Scientific aerogeodetical enterprise “Meridian+” Ltd.
  • Petrushina M.I. – Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK)
  • Miroshnichenko S.G. – Rosreestr
  • Kislov V.S. – the president of SRO NP “Cadastral engineers”
  • Grachev I.A. – the vice-rector of State University of Land Use Planning (SULUP)
  • Seredovich V.A. – the vice-rector of Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies (SSUGT)

At this meeting FIG President reported about the Federation’s plans for the next 4-year period, and also asked the Russian experts to participate actively in the FIG activities.

Russian representatives briefly presented their companies and underlined the directions that may be interested for a close collaboration with FIG, for example, they demonstrated their strong interest in contributing in creating a FIG professional journal.

The Congress program included some cultural events such as a tour of Irkutsk and a voyage on the Angara River.

In the end of their visit our foreign guests had a boat trip on Lake Baikal and took a look at Listvyanka village and a couple of interesting museums.

Vladimir Tikhonov and Chryssy Potsiou
July 2015

Angara River
Angara River

Evening event at Angara River

The Listvyanka village

Model of Listvyanka village

The beautiful Lake Baikal