Holger Magel 60 years - 3 May 2004

Jubilee Seminar to celebrate 30th Anniversary of the Chair of Land Readjustment and Land Development at the TUM and 60th birthday of Prof. Holger Magel and his 10th Anniversary as the President of the Bayerischen Akademie Ländlicher Raum e.V.

The poster of FIG Congress 2006 adopted to celebrate President Magel's 60th birthday.

Participants studying the exhibition of Master Programme projects.

More than 250 participants gathered to the Hans Heinrich Meinke Hall at the Technical University of Munich to celebrate Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Magel on his 60th birthday. A full-day symposium was organised to celebrate not only Prof. Magel's birthday but also the 30th Anniversary of the Chair of Land Readjustment and Land Development at the TUM (now the Centre of Land Management and Land Tenure) and Prof. Magel's 10th Anniversary as the President of the Bayerischen Akademie Ländlicher Raum e.V. The Symposium was at the same time the 6th Münchener Tage der Bodenordnung und Landentwicklung.

The keynote speech was given by Mr. Alois Glück, President of the Bavarian Parliament (Bayerischen Landtag). Among greetings were Mr. Josef Miller, Bavarian Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, Univ. Prof. Reiner Rummel, Dean of the Faculty Bauingenieur- und Vermessunsgwesen at the TUM and Dr. Jürgen Busse, Vice President of ALR. The International greeting on behalf of the FIG member associations was given by Prof. Stig Enemark, President of the Danish FIG member association DdL.

At the seminar in the afternoon the speakers includes Dr.-Ing Irene Wiese - von Ofen, President of IFHP, Dipl.-Ing. Willi Zimmermann, GTZ, Dr.-Ing. Andreas Drees, FIG Vice President and representative of the private surveyors in Germany. Other international speakers were Univ.-Doz. Anton Prosen from Slovenia and two international students in the Master and PhD courses at the TUM, Ms. Judy Wambui Kariuki and Dipl.-Ing. agr. Francisco Obreque.

Two strong ladies Dipl.-Ing. Huberta Bock and Dipl.-Geogr. Babette Wehrmann were in charge for the practical arrangements of this memorable event.

FIG Council had its meeting linked to the ceremony 2 May discussing the remaining issues for the General Assembly in Athens which starts 22 May 2004.

President of the Bavarian Parliament, Mr. Alois Glück giving his keynote presentation.

The audience filled the hall to last seat.

Prof. Reiner Rummel gave Ms. Babette Wehrmann the university prize with TUM outfit.

Holger Magel receiving the Big Bavarian Lion from Josef Miller, Bavarian Minister for Agriculture and Forestry.

Mr. Gerhard Hess, Chairman of the Földerkreises Bodenordnung und Lantentwicklung München e.V.

Prof Stig Enemark, President of DdL bringing greetings from FIG members.

Dr.-Ing. Horst Karmann and Dipl.-Ing. Josef Attenberger are the editors behind the celebration book that includes articles from 80 authors.

Behind the strong man there is always a strong woman, in this case President's wife Ansi Magel.

The FIG Council together with President Magel and the "President's poster FIG 2006".

DVW representatives Vice President Karl Friedrich Thöne and Honorary Treasurer Eberhard Ziem congratulated President Magel by making a donation to the FIG Foundation.

FIG Council members and President and Mrs. Magel relaxing at the lunch reception.

Representatives of the Master Programme remembered Holger Magel with a gift and excellent presentation by Ms. Judy Wambui Kariuki from Kenya.