FIG Foundation grants in 2004

The Board of Directors of the FIG Foundation decided on the FIG Grants 2004 at its meeting in Athens during the FIG Working Week 2004. About 6,000 € was given to 4 applicants from 4 countries. The total number of applications was 12. The grants were given to the following applicants:

  • Boipuso Nkwae, Canada
    Managing Land Information for Urban Governance in Botswana
  • Jennifer Whittal, South Africa
    Capacity Building and Postgraduate Research in Land Tenure and Cadastral Systems in Southern Africa
  • Daniel Paez, Australia
    Increasing the Range of Services of the Colombian Surveyors by Demonstrating DISCUSS, a Decision Support System that Uses Latest Surveying Technologies
  • Jose David Belaga, Argentina
    The Argentine Cadastre over the Last Fifty Years and an Overview of the Brazilian Cadastre

In addition two project proposals need further clarification.

The Board of Directors further reserved 500 € for the International Geodetics Students Meeting to be held in Istanbul in 2005 under the condition that the local member association of FIG matches the same amount.