Handover Ceremony between the US and German Councils in Frankfurt, October 16, 2002

German Council chaired by Prof. Holger Magel will start its work officially 1 January 2003

US and German Council members after the hadnover ceremony in Frankfurt.

The handover ceremony between the US and German Councils took place at opening of the Intergeo 2002 in Frankfurt, Germany 16 October 2002. The biggest tradeshow on surveying business attracted more than 15,000 visitors and the exhibition space was bigger than ever exceeding 10,000 square metres (net). The conference and opening ceremony attracted abut 700 delegates and invited guests.
The handover ceremony included performances of the Band of US Army and cheerleaders from the Frankfurt Galaxy.

The handover ceremony was chaired by Mr. Hagen Graeff, President of the German member association of FIG, DVW. The cultural programme of the opening ceremony of this year's Intergeo was influenced by the handover including music presented by the Band of the US Army (First Armoured Division) and presentations of the cheerleaders of the Frankfurt Galaxy. The keynote presentation was given by the first German astronaut Dr. Gerhard Thiele on the topic "The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission".

The opening ceremony was started with the FIG fanfare played by the band followed by the presentation of flags of FIG member countries. The members of the US and German Councils were presented by Mr. Graeff.

In his address to the assembly President Robert W. Foster summarised the main achievements of the US administration of FIG. After the address he gave the President's chain to Prof. Holger Magel, who will be the President of the Federation in 2003-2006. The members of the current Council were: Mr. Robert W. Foster, President and Vice Presidents: Holger Magel (Germany), Tom Kennie (UK) and Jerome Ives, Christian Andreasen and Charles Challstrom from USA. In addition Mrs. Mary Clawson was a member of the Council as Congress Director and Mr. John Parker (Australia) as the representative of Commission officers.

The new Council is lead by Prof. Magel and the members are Dr. Andreas Drees and Dr. Ralf Schroth from Germany and Mr. T.N. Wong from Hong Kong, China as Vice Presidents. Congress Director is Mr. Thomas Gollwitzer and the Commission representative (2003-2004) Mr. Gerhard Muggenhuber from Austria. DVW will name the remaining Vice President by the end of the year. Prof. Magel made also his address to the meeting.

Pictures from the Handover in Frankfurt

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US Council at its last meeting getting briefing for the handover from Mr. Gross and Dr. Drees.

German Council at its first meeting.

The Band of the US Army, First Armoured Division played the music during the opening and handover ceremony

Cheerleaders from the Frankfurt Galaxy brought American atmosphere to the handover ceremony.

Mr. Hagen Graeff, President of DVW was the moderator of the ceremony.

The US Council (on the left) and the German Council listening to the FIG fanfare.

President Foster together with Honorary President Prof. Heinz Draheim and Honorary Member Dr. Richard Meyer.

Honorary members at the lunch reception.

Flags from 112 countries that are represented in FIG were present at the ceremony.

Members of the US Council from left: President Robert Foster, Prof. Holger Magel, Prof. John Parker, Dr. Tom Kennie, Mr. Christian Andreasen and Mr. Jerome Ives.

Members of the US and German Councils.

President Robert Foster making his address to the assembly.

The Chain of the President was given by Mr. Foster to Prof. Holger Magel for the next four years. Mr. Foster was assisted by President Hagen Graeff.

The members of the new Council received their badges from President Foster.

Prof. Holger Magel making his speech after receiving the chain.

The keynote presentation at the opening of Intergeo 2002 was given by astronaut, Dr. Gerhard Thiele.

Official picture of the US and German Councils after the handover ceremony.

US Council after the handover: John Parker, Christian Andreasen, Robert Foster, Holger Magel, Jerome Ives and Tom Kennie.

US Council after the handover: John Parker, Christian Andreasen, Robert Foster, Holger Magel, Jerome Ives and Tom Kennie. Deputy Congress Director John Hohol in the right.

The German Council for 2003-2006: Dr. Andreas Drees (on the right), Mr. T.N. Wong, Prof. Holger Magel, Dr. Ralf Schroth, Mr. Thomas Gollwitzer and Mr. Gerhard Muggenhuber.

Robert Foster made a donation to the FIG Foundation as an example to future FIG officials.

FIG is also fun - Prof. Magel surrounded by FIG ladies Mrs Sue Wong, Mrs Ansi Magel and Mrs. Nancy Ives.

Tom Kennie at the FIG Forum at the Intergeo technical conference.

Gert Steinkellner (Austria), Fabien Ndjina Omboudou (Cameroon) and Gerhard Muggenhuber (Chair of FIG Commission 3) at the well attended FIG Forum. Commission 1 had also its own session at the Intergeo.

25 October 2002