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NEH Vietnam

NEH Engineering Survey and Mapping Company Ltd. operates upon business register number 0500472265 by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi, issued on September 22nd, 2005, and surveying and mapping license number 246 by Department of Surveying and Mapping, issued on November 21st, 2005, renew on 21st December 2015.

With over 10 years of experiences in surveying and mapping industry, NEH has gathered a professional team with intensive expertise, extensive experiences, and thoroughly understanding of the company’s visions and norms. Further more, the Company also owns a wide range of high-tech equipments with high level of accuracy, which enable us to fulfill all work requirements, regarding both quality and timing.

Operating industries:

Topographical survey: Topographical maps by NEH offer high level of accuracy, suitable for uses in planning, designing, and constructing various types of structures at all scales. NEH provides solutions for surveying several different types of surfaces, using numerous latest technologies, such as GPS Dual frequencies, automatic remote sensing image by UAV-Drone, Total Station and Echo Sounder single or multi beams.

Construction survey: NEH’s professional solutions accurately transfer the designs into the site with high accuracy of coordinate, elevation, and shape, which in turn create aesthetics and harmony for constructions. NEH commits to provide high-quality services of surveying and mapping for construction and monitoring works via the utilisation of the latest accurate equipments, including: Total Stations Leica TCA2003, Multies Station Leica MS50 with non-prism technology (range up to 2000m accuracy of 1+1.5ppm), FG-L100 Precision Optical Zenith Plummet,…

3D Surface scanning of construction and structures: NEH is the first company in Vietnam owning the Laser Leica MultiStation MS50, P40 which has ability to scan up to distance of 1,000m, density of 1mm/point, 1.000.000points/second and coordinating accuracy of 1mm. In addition, the professional softwares Leica Cyclone and Leica MultiWorx enable us to generate 3D surface models at high speed and accuracy, which can be utilised in construction and assemble of works, especially in monitoring, repair and preserve heritages.

Cadastral map and database: NEH has experiences in several projects in cadastral works and World Bank projects, such as building cadastral maps and database, issuing land use certificates, building database for land management in significant projects nation-wide.

Monitoring and geotechnical survey: Owning the high-ended latest technologies, such as Inclinometer, piezometer, water level, extensometer, settlement cell…  NEH always satisfies our customers with accurate, timing, and objective data from monitoring and surveying. This factor plays an important role in ensuring work safety in design, construction, and operation.


Contact information:

NEH Vietnam
No 10/22, Thanh Binh Street
Hadong District
Hanoi City
Tel. 0084 435528501
Fax 0084 435528502
E-mail nehcompany[at]
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Member no: CM-30056