FIG Foundation - Building a Sustainable Future

History of the FIG Foundation

The FIG Education Foundation was established in 1996 as a public company under the Corporation Laws of Australia. In 2000 the administration of the FIG Education Foundation was transferred to the FIG permanent office in Copenhagen. The General Assembly of FIG adopted the new Statutes for the FIG Foundation at its meeting in Seoul 11 May 2001. At the same time the original FIG Education Foundation was closed and the new FIG Foundation officially opened under the FIG umbrella.

The purpose of the Foundation is the funding of educational and capacity building projects and scholarships. For the over 100 years of its existence FIG has experienced a shortage of funds to finance education projects, even though education is vital to the surveying profession and is relevant to all the organisational members of FIG.



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The Stories of the Recipients

Meet the FIG Foundation supported recipients - learn how the FIG Foundation grant helped them to establish long term contacts, gain valuable knowledge and enabled them to make a difference in their home countries