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International Federation of Surveyors
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Dear Colleague,

Come be a part of our exciting journey as we gear up for upcoming events, starting with the highly anticipated FIG Working Week 2024. Our local organizers are hard at work crafting an unforgettable experience for all attendees. Hear from one of our plenary speakers, also the newly appointed FIG Foundation President, as he shares his expectations in a video greeting. Additionally, we are thrilled to announce the FIG Regional Conference in Nepal, focusing on the Role of Surveyors in Land Tenure Security, Climate Action & Disaster Resilience. Dive into this newsletter to catch glimpses of what's to come, including preparations for the FIG Working Week 2025 in Brisbane, Australia, and early plans for the special FIG 150th anniversary celebration in Paris in 2028. With so much on the horizon, there is plenty to anticipate. Beyond these exciting events, explore news about the four selected FIG Foundation Grant Recipients, a special call from our partner GLTN, and much more.

FIG WORKING WEEK 2024 - Register now

Conference: 20-22 May 2024
FIG General Assembly: 19 and 23 May 2024
Pre- and post events: 18-19 and 23 May 2024

La Palm Hotel and Conference Centre

Join us for the FIG Working Week 2024 in Accra Ghana. The FIG Working Week 2024 is organised in cooperation with the two national associations Licensed Surveyors Association of Ghana (LiSAG)  and Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS). Discover the beautiful country of Ghana, get a once-in-a-lifetime experience in Accra together with your colleages from all over the world.

FIG Working Week is no ordinary conference; it is a week-long celebration of innovation and collaboration that unites the global community of surveying and spatial professionals. Here, you will have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between science and the policymakers and stakeholders who drive real-world change.

Join one of our plenary speakers, and President of FIG Foundation, Bryn Fosburgh, Vice President Trimble in this video:

Design your own programme:

Plan Your Trip

The Working Week will take place at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and on the premises there are both conference facilities, accommodation, large green areas that will be used by the conference, taking advantage of the good Africa weather.

There are accommodation options close to the venue in various price ranges and shuttle buses will take attendees to the conference centre in the morning and back again in the evening.

What to do:

   Register - now to make use of the early-bird rate. Deadline is 19 February

  Book hotel - we recommend that you book accommodation through the conference ensuring you a smooth arrival in Accra.

  Book your flight - check pre- and post events and the social tours to plan your travel dates

  Apply for visa - Check if you will need a visa.

For Sponsors and Exhibitors

FIG Working Week 2024 is your platform for growth and connection. In Ghana, it's not just a conference; it's your strategic leap into a thriving future. Don't miss the opportunity to be a catalyst for change in this exciting market.

  Secure your stand now and get extra visibility with a sponsorship 20% discount for FIG members.

Stay updated on the conference web site on how to book your accommodation.
Registration will open soon.

Follow the Working Week Preparations at:

Congratulations to the four successful recipients of the 2024 FIG Foundation Young Surveyor Grants!

The four grant recipients come from Colombia, USA, Denmark and Nigeria and have been selected by FIG Foundation board of Directors to attend the FIG Working Week.
Have you considered sponsoring the registration fee of a young surveyor... Read more


Publication of the first part of LADM Edition II

The Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) aligns the data model with an ISO standardised global vocabulary for land administration, and was developed at the initiative of FIG.  Read more

Brisbane 2025 - what to expect

A site visit to Brisbane and meetings with the national and local organisers fuelled the enthusiasm and collective spirit for the organisation of FIG Working Week 2025.  Read more

Preparing the special FIG celebration 2028 in Paris

As FIG approaches its 150th anniversary in 2028, plans are underway to mark this significant milestone in style.  Read more

Surveying - Registration - Valuation How we gather and deal with our data today 

Report on the EGoS and FIG Commissions 3 and 9 Joint Workshop that took place in Malta 5-7 February 2024
Read more

Expert Consultation and Meetings on Enhancing geospatial information management arrangements and accelerating the implementation of the SDGs

FIG Vice President Mikael Lilje attended various UN-GGIM meetings and consultations during 22-26 January 2024 in Aguascalientes, Mexico
Read more

The 8th ISK Africa Regional Conference 2023

FIG Vice President Kwame Tenadu attended the event. A number of resolutions were collected in a conference declaration.
Read more


Global Surveyors Day 2024 

Join online the session that fits to your time zone and celebrate the World Surveyors Day with APPAT who are the main organiser of the Global Surveyors Day 2024  Read more

Invitation to: Workshop on Challenges and Innovations in Property Valuation through AVMs

FIG Commission 9 on Valuation organises this workshop on 24-25 April in Cyprus - register now.  Read more

Save the Dates

A FIG Regional Conference is planned to take place in Kathmandu, Nepal 14-16 November 2024.

Under the main theme: Role of Surveyors in Land Tenure Security, Climate Action & Disaster Resilience the following topics will be included in the conference:

Uncovering regional land agenda

  1. Land Management and Climate Action
  2. Enhancing Women’s Access to Land
  3. Empowering Communities
  4. Educating/Enhancing Indigenous Rights on Land and Property
  5. Fit-for-Purpose Approach for Formalizing Informality
  6. Innovative Technologies in Land Administration
  7. Regional Collaboration

Visit the web site: More information will be published in the coming months.


The article of the month in January/February 2024 is written by Dimitrios BOLKAS, Matthew O’BANION, Jeffrey CHIAMPI, and Jordan LAUGHLIN, USA: Collaborative Virtual Reality for Surveying Education. A peer-reviewed paper published and presented at the FIG Working Week 2023 in Orlando, Florida presenting virtual reality implementations, the first assessment results of collaborative learning and evaluates the role of collaborative virtual reality to enhance student learning and support surveying education.  Read the paper 

Commission Newsletters and other publications

Complex Monograph on Engineering Geodesy

by Giorgi and Ivo Milev

An original work consisting of 5 books (the last two published at the end of 2022; a total of 2870 computer pages), each of which is defined as a system of monographs. Two more books have been uploaded to the Internet, representing a summary presentation of the complex monograph, respectively in English and Bulgarian. The work systematizes, summarizes, and comprehensively presents the main aspects of the construction activity, architecture, the layout of the territories and the place, and the role of geodesy – Engineering geodesy in their implementation, with the application of space and geospatial technologies.
Read more about these books and how to download them


Call for submission of case studies for the Annex of the World Cities Report 2024

GLTN is inviting its partners, herunder FIG, for contributions to UN-Habitats World Cities Report 2024. Read more

Real Estate Market Transparency Research  Survey

FIG Commission 9 and its partners encourages you to help them and fill in the survey. If you cannot fill in the survey, maybe you can help us and forward it to others.
Help us and fill in the survey

More news at:


President Joseph Pascual, Ordre des Géomètres-Experts OGE, France passed away 28 February 2024

OCE informs: We are deeply saddened to convey the sudden passing, on 28 February 2024 at the age of 66, of our dear friend and colleague Joseph Pascual, President of the French Ordre des géomètres-experts (OGE).
A native of Agen and a surveyor recognised by all his colleagues, Joseph Pascual devoted his entire career to promoting the profession. He was President of the Bordeaux Regional Council of OGE between 2012 and 2021, and First Vice-President of the Higher Council of OGE between 2019 and his election as President of the institution in 2021. In June 2023, he was unanimously re-elected for a further two-year term.

It was with deep sadness we got this news, and FIG President together with all in FIG send our sincere condolences to his family and to all in and around OCE.
The formal announcement in French



21 March 2024 - online 9:00AM and 5:00 PM (-6 GTM)
Global Surveyors Day 2024
Morning session 9:00-10:30AM (Time zone -6 GMT)
Evening session 5:00-6:10PM (Time zone -6GMT)
Programme and registration

10-12 April, 2024, Lviv - Brukhovychi, Ukraine
Geoforum-2024 - the XXVII International Scientific and Technical Confernce, dedicated to the anniversay of the professional holiday of geologists, land-surveyors and cartographers of Ukraine, organised by Western Geodetic Society USGC, supported by FIG
Information flyer

19-24 May 2024

FIG Working Week 2024

Web site:

Check the events page

12-14 September, Zagreb Croatia
Symposium on Engineering Geodesy organised by Croatian Geodetic Society – organised jointly with FIG Commission 6

24-26 September 2024 Kuching, Malaysia
FIG Commission 7 Event and Meeting

14-16 November 2024, Kathmandu, Nepal
FIG Regional Conference 2024
Web site:

Kind regards,
Ms. Louise Friis-Hansen

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FIG Working Week 2024,
19-24 May, Accra, Ghana
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FIG Working Week 2025,
6-10 April, Brisbane, Australia
Web site:
FIG Congress 2026, Cape Town, South Africa
FIG Working Week 2027, Stavanger, Norway
FIG Working Week 2028, Paris, France - Celebrating FIG 150th Anniversary

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