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FIG Newsletter – October 2020

Dear Colleague,

The coming weeks will be busy...
Next week the large annual fair, Intergeo, is taking place - this time in a digital version. Secure a free ticket through FIG.
In the following week, FIG Commission 7 Meeting is held virtually - in several different time zones and languages and will focus on rural-urban linkages. One session is organised in cooperation with UN-Habitat/GLTN, and Commission 2 has also organised a session on blended learning. Register now...
Also - FIG Working Week 2021 will be changed into FIG e-Working Week 2021 - read more about the core principles for this different and exciting event; read also about a project opportunity in Puerto Rico, an honorary member tells his FIG story, and do not forget the deadline for nominations for Commission Chairs Elects is 15 December 2020.

Article of the Month

Each month on FIG web site you can find a special selected paper called "FIG Article of the Month".

The Article of the Month for October 2020 is written by Florian Thiery et, al SPARQLing Geodesy for Cultural Heritage – New Opportunities for Publishing and Analysing Volunteered Linked (Geo-)Data This paper gives an introduction into the concept of Linked (Geo-)Data, followed by a Best Practice example of semantically modelled Ogam Stones in Wikidata. Read the article

FIG e-Working Week 2021 - Save the Dates

Last month we announced that the FIG Working Week 2021 will take place 21-25 June 2021.

With the current COVID19 development we have now made the decision that the Working Week will be an e-Working Week - thus a virtual conference. If there is a possibility to add on a face-to-face part for those who may be able to travel to and meet in the Netherlands we may also offer this, but so far, we focus on organising a virtual and very special e-Working Week 2021.

We are all coming to terms with and learning to adapt to our new, digital lifestyles and striving to maintain a semblance of normality, but the desire to see and hear from colleagues and friends becomes even more powerful when we are forced to be apart. FIG is determined to bring our global community together. Our world might be changing, but we still crave experiences and our desire to connect has never been stronger.

FIG and the local organisers from the Netherlands have started the process to transform the FIG Working Week to a virtual experience fitting with the needs of the FIG community. And we promise -

In other words: After attending FIG e-Working Week 2021 you will be: inspired, (re)connected, energized, gained knowledge, feel part of a community...

The theme for FIG e-Working Week 2021 will be the same as for this year's Working Week:  

Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management

Challenges in a New Reality

- with an addition to also to reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on our profession. During FIG Working Week 2021 besides the subthemes Smart Surveyors, Integrated Land and Water Management and Ten Years to Achieve the SDG’s, we want to also focus on the surveyor and the challenges they have in a unstable, uncertain, unpredictable world and with what technology, methods and procedures they face these new developments. How do surveyors adapt to these unexpected circumstances and what have we learned so far from these challenges?

With Smart Surveyor for Land and Water Management we stand still by the knowledge of the Dutch. Over almost 200 years of experience with mapping and more than 100 years of land consolidation, mapping and surveying are almost basic activities within the Netherlands to support the management of land and water. Apart from being known for its tulips, wind mills and clogs, with its almost 42,000 m2 the Netherlands is one of the most surveyed area in the world. Every square meter is mapped, registered and documents and it has to be, being densely populated, with more than 55% of the total country below sea level and being the second exporter of agricultural goods in the world.

FIG Working Week 2021 is shaping up and more information will follow.
For now - save the dates 21-25 June 2021 - and we will be looking forward to sharing further updates with you


Call for Nominations for Chairs Elects for the 10 FIG Commissions

The current Commission Chairs at the FIG Working Week 2019

All member associations are encouraged to consider if you have a qualified candidate. Please note the deadline 15 December 2020. Read more about the nomination and the commissions.
Read more

Dr Arthur L Allan: My FIG Journey

The current Commission Chairs at the FIG Working Week 2019

Dr Arthur L Allan Is FIG Honorary member and shares his FIG experiences and involvements with you in this story that he has written at an age of 90. Do you have a story to share?
Read more


13-15 October: Cooperation with Intergeo Digital 2020 and meet FIG

Intergeo goes digital! FIG is pleased to offer free expo tickets to our community. Intergeo is the world's largest event for mapping and surveying professionals and beyond. Meet FIG among the exhibitors.
Read more

20-22 October: FIG Commission 7 meeting: Cadastre and Land Management

The Commission 7 Annual Meeting will be held online with the theme: Building community resilience: Urban-rural land linkages and strategies to deal with COVID-19. Sessions are planned in several languages and in three different time zones. There will be sessions in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.
One session is organised with UN-Habitat/GLTN on opportunities for better integration between urban and rural projects 
See programme and register here

As part of the Commission 7 Annual Meeting, Commission 2 will be running a session entitled “Blended learning: lessons from our responses to COVID:19” on Tuesday 20 October 2020 at 17:00 Sydney time (06:00 UTC). The Annual Meeting is free for FIG Commission 2 delegates. Please ensure you select this option when accessing the registration page

Commission 2 Newsletter


RFP - Puerto Rico GeoFrame Program - Hurricane Maria Recovery

Puerto Rico is building the first comprehensive spatial data infrastructure for the Island under the GeoFrame Program.  Having heavily referenced FIG materials to design this program, they are reaching out to the FIG Community to get in touch with strong service providers who may be interested in responding to our Request for Proposals (RFQ), published at:

GeoFrame is a federally funded disaster recovery program, post-Hurricane Maria and Irma.  Full program guidelines are published at:

Deadline: 30 October 2020


12-15 October 2020, Vancouver, Canada
YII2020 - The Year in Infrastructure 2020 Conference, Organised by Bentley Systems, supported by FIG.

13-15 October 2020, Berlin, Germany

Intergeo - has been changed to INTERGEO 2020 DIGITAL
Register to attend digitally.
Web site:

20-22 October 2020 Online
FIG Commission 7 annual meeting
Web site:

5-6 November 2020, Delft, The Netherlands
23rd ICA Workshop on Map Generalisation and Multiple Representation (ICAgen2020). The event will either take place entirely at the venue, or partly at the venue and partly online (hybrid), or fully online. Deadline for the submission of abstract is 24 August 2020.
Web site:

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