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FIG Newsletter – July 2020

Dear Colleague,

CORRECTION - Please note that in the newsletter that was sent a few days ago wrong dates were announced for FIG Working Week 2021... Sorry for the confusion.

The correct dates for FIG Working Week 2021 are: Monday 21 - Friday 25 June 2021 (and not 20-24 June as was written in the previous version of the July Newsletter...

Even though we are still dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, we want to look forward and to ensure we have an opportunity to meet. FIG and the Dutch Local Organizing Committee are happy to welcome you again in the Netherlands for the FIG Working Week 2021. So save the dates 21-25 June 2021, and meet your fellow peers in Utrecht, Netherlands.
In this newsletter you can also find out what VCSP means... Finally, it is still possible for you to send your comments and input to help us form the future of FIG.

Article of the Month

Each month on FIG web site you can find a special selected paper called "FIG Article of the Month".

The Article of the Month in July 2020 is written by Josip Križanović and Miodrag Roić Croatia Formalisation of Cadastral System Data Dissemination Processes – Initial Studies This peer review paper should have been presented at the FIG Working Week 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The aim of this paper is to explore the processes of cadastral system data dissemination regarding standardised and non-standardised uses of cadastral system data.   Read more...

FIG Working Week 2021 - Save the Dates

Even though we are still dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, we want to look forward and to ensure we have an opportunity to meet. FIG and the Dutch Local Organizing Committee are happy to welcome you again in the Netherlands for the FIG Working Week 2021. Some of you may think, “but was it not Ghana this year”? You are right, but the Ghanaian local organizers have generously offered the Dutch to take over the Working Week in 2021.

FIG Working Week 2021 will be different. We face the challenge to take the impact of the global pandemic into account including all its uncertainties. We are looking for new and more flexible ways to organize a successful event. Most important is that we meet each other, talk, network, share knowledge, have fruitful discussions and enjoy. So that we become inspired by our peers and the developments in our profession. This is what you can expect in the Netherlands during the FIG Working Week 2021, from Monday 21 to Friday 25 of June, in the historical town of Utrecht in the central part of the Netherlands. Utrecht is located close to the international airport and only a short train ride away.

The Jaarbeurs in Utrecht is located next to the central train station,  and is an ideal place to host the Working Week. Utrecht, founded more than 1200 years ago, is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, which is clearly reflected in the structure and architecture of the city. Utrecht is also known as ‘Small Amsterdam’ because of its channels and is the 4th biggest city in the Netherlands but has local flair and character. Utrecht has its own ‘Gezelligheid’ - which translates into coziness, that must be experienced.

FIG Working Week 2021 is shaping up and more information will follow.
For now - save the dates 21-25 June 2021 - and we will be looking forward to seeing you in Utrecht, Netherlands.


The FIG Volunteer Community Surveyor Program is back!

VCSP is an innovative volunteer programme that intends to be a powerful driver for both social impact and professional development. The VCSP leverages on the skills, experience, talents and education of young surveyors and matches these competences with the needs of GLTN, particularly in GLTN’s county-level implementation plans and programmes. We are at the moment assembling a group of engaged young surveyors who will be interested in bringing the VCSP Forward.
Read more

We need your input on FIG Governance - Member Consultation 2020  

Watch the two short video presentations with Key Issues that FIG Task Force on Governance would like your input to - we encourage you to participate now. This is your chance to to influence the future of FIG
Read more


Projects and job opportunities

For the first time, the ESA Space App Camp is offering a virtual workspace to strong>20 dedicated developers: a comprehensive preparation phase and an 11-day virtual ESA Space App Camp, supported by Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and business experts. The European Space Agency (ESA) is looking for 20 developers, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning specialists, researchers or students to join the virtual ESA Space App Camp 11 - 21 September 2020. 
There is a unique chance to win: cash prizes, an exceptional Earth Observation support package to facilitate the continuation of the work on their winning App idea, exclusive work opportunities and insights at ESA. Moreover, participants can apply for further incubation at one of the ESA Business Incubation Centres.
Deadline: 14 August 2020

Newcastle University: Permanent academic position (Lecturer/Senior Lecturer) in Geospatial Engineering. Closing Date: 1 August 2020
More info


7-11 September 2020, Beijing, China
GTC Week 2020  (GIS Software Technology Conference 2020). Organised by SuperMap The conference will be held both physically and digitally. The conference venue will be expanded from Beijing to more core cities, and duration extended to 5 days.

14-18 September 2020, Timisoara, Romania
Romanian Surveyors Week

16-18 September 2020, Deqing, Zhejiang Province, China
FIG Commisison 1 Workshop:  Professional Standards and Practice of Surveying and Mapping in the countries along the Belt and Road Routes Organised by FIG Commission 1 jointly with the People's Government of Deqing County, China Website: 

25-27 September 2020, Qingdao, Shangdong Province, China

12-15 October 2020, Vancouver, Canada
YII2020 - The Year in Infrastructure 2020 Conference, Organised by Bentley Systems, supported by FIG.

13-15 October 2020, Berlin, Germany

Intergeo - has been changed to INTERGEO 2020 DIGITAL
Register to attend digitally.
Web site:

5-6 November 2020, Delft, The Netherlands
23rd ICA Workshop on Map Generalisation and Multiple Representation (ICAgen2020). The event will either take place entirely at the venue, or partly at the venue and partly online (hybrid), or fully online. Deadline for the submission of abstract is 24 August 2020.
Web site:

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