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 What's next?

It is Thursday 14 May 2020, and today should have been the closing day of FIG Working Week in Amsterdam. The programme of today would be the second General Assembly session and closing and handover ceremony.

How is it possible to hand over to yourself… This will be the case this year since the FIG Flag should be handed over from the local organisers 2020 to the local organisers 2021! So instead the Local Organising Committee created a message for you, where each LOC member is symbolically handing over (from home!) to welcoming you next year.

We would like to extend a thank you to all who have followed us during this week.
Please enjoy the articles of this final and closing day of FIG Working Week 2020

Informal 'hand over' at Intergeo, Stuttgart

FIG Working Week - What's next?

This week we gave you a front row seat to the content of the FIG Working Week. The Local Organising Committee of FIG2020 and FIG found an alternative way to make sure you could get easy access to the proceedings. It was a way to recognise all the hard work of the authors and presenters. But it also turned out to be a way to feel connected to the FIG community, to show that we as community continue, not matter what, reach out to each other and are interested to learn what the latest developments are. Knowledge, cooperation and improving our profession is what drives us. Read the article.

Two consultation sessions with UN-Habitat/Global Land Tool Network - GLTN

As one of the founding partners of the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), FIG has contributed to the development of land tools with GLTN since 2006. Over the years and since 2006, FIG has been involved in the development of many of these tools. Today, the tools are successfully used in many projects at a local, national and regional level. Read the article.

Re-read the articles

It has been different for us to present a full Working Week in 6 Newsletters and 24 written articles, but we hope that you have enjoyed this journey with us from home. A very big thanks to all who have contributed to all articles, and also to the current Local Organising Committee for their preparations so far. All the articles.

Next - FIG Working Week 2021

Follow the preparations for next year's FIG Working Week at
What can you expect at the FIG Working Week in 2021? Wait and see... For both FIG and LOC it is most important that we create an opportunity where our community can meet.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters, we really do appreciate you being part - from the distance - of the FIG Working Week 2020!

Kind regards
FIG Office

Louise Friis-Hansen, Director and co-conference director
Claudia Stormoen, Event Manager
Maria Bangholz, Finance and Administration 

International Federation of Surveyors
Fédération Internationale des Géomčtres
Internationale Vereiningung der Vermessungsingenieure

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