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FIG Young Surveyors African Meeting

20 November, 2021 (Online)

Building A Resilient Profession for an Uncertain Future

FIG Young Surveyors African Network invites to the 3rd FIG Ýoung Surveyors African meeting, with overall theme Building A Resilient Profession for an Uncertain Future. The meeting is scheduled to take place online 20 November 2021. Below is the invitation from FIG Young Surveyors African Network and an overview of the programme.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In our continually evolving world, the role of the surveying profession is also changing parallel with the rise of new technologies that can be leveraged to the pull of Global Challenges we face today. This is coupled with the unforeseen global pandemic that has changed the way we work and interact with each other. At the forefront of these changes stand Young Surveyors. Being the continent with the youngest population, the FIG Young Surveyors African Network has a lot to contribute with towards the future of the surveying profession, and to the world in general. The FIG Young Surveyors African Meeting, held online, will bring together young surveyors from different cultures, countries, academic qualifications, and professional experience. So why don’t you join us to dialogue and discuss these changes and how they can play an integral role in the future, in Building a Resilient Profession for an Uncertain Future!

You can register for the meeting via link -

Programme and session descriptions


10.00-10.20 (UTC) The Opening
  At the opening of the meeting, young surveyors will be joined by guests from FIG, FIG African Regional Network and the FIG Young Surveyors Network. The opening session will set the tone for the meeting, focussing on the theme, “Building A Resilient Profession for an Uncertain Future”.
10.20-11.00 (UTC) Keynote: Global Challenges in the face of a Pandemic: The Young Surveyor’s Role
  The keynotes in this session will focus on the larger picture of the conference. The global pandemic has reoriented the way we are meeting the global challenges which persist. The keynotes will focus on the application of geo-spatial sciences and land administration in the drive towards facing up the global and societal challenges of our day, spanning global health, climate change, food security, among others.
11.00-12.00 (UTC) Professional Development Session
  What, When, How? - some of the questions a young professional asks themselves when making career decisions.
Professional development is a career long process. Today’s Young Surveyor is faced with many opportunities and choices, as well as ethical considerations. In the professional development session, our invited speakers will bring to young surveyors tips and tips on guiding their professional life in the post-COVID world.
11.00-12.00 (UTC) Mentoring, Community Service and Career Development
  This session will bring together invited speakers who will engage with young surveyors on how they can contribute to meeting our Global Challenges, through volunteering, from their local communities to the global level.
12.00-12.30 (UTC) Ask Me Anything
  This interactive session will provide an opportunity for attendees to join our invited speakers to discuss the topics raised in the meeting for an idea and information exchange.
12.30-13.00 (UTC) Wrap-up and Closing


Nanna Jørgensen
November 2021

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