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FIG statement on ensuring Diversity and Inclusion

23 June 2021, at the FIG e-Working Week in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Making the land and property sector sustainable and resilient: Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion

Narelle Underwood, Chitra Weddikkara, Paul Olomolaiye, Victoria Stanley and FIG Vice President Diane A Dumashie

At the FIG e-Working Week 2021, a panel of land and property leaders came together to open the conversation on equality Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). They considered the opportunity that land professionals could make to improve D&I in our survey profession (land, property and natural resources) and to inspire the FIG community.

D&I in its broadest sense is key, a large part of the resilience of our profession needs action to improve gender balance as a key element to tackling the need for the very best talent. With outset in the discussion at this Keynote session an closing action orientated statement  was made for FIG members to improve D&I in our professional working practices and organisations.

In short, FIG members can:

The full statement is present below and you can also download the PDF version. The full keynote session is also available on youtube and the link is also highlighted below.

Watch and be inspired by the keynote session here:

Statement in.pdf-format (4 pages)


FIG Statement Diversity and Inclusion
Making the Survey Profession Sustainable and Resilient:
Ensuring Diversity and Inclusion
June 2021

Moving from the talk to implementation in Diversity and Inclusion practices we brought together a panel of leaders to listen to their views, experience and we gained pointers to embed D&I into our profession. These are the key message highlights

Above all to implement Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) will need purposeful planning to ensure D& I is measurably advanced in our professional practices and organisational leadership. In addition to voluntary commitments we all have an individual duty to transform our profession by our focused and widespread participation.

To build resilience into our professions;  collectively, across our unique contexts and areas of expertise, we commit to working together to

This means ACTING TO

1. Promote D&I in the culture of our organisations


Action to:

Key action:

2. Pipeline of Talent

Action to:

Key action:

3. Promote D& I policy and professional Culture



Key action:

4. Place and society



Take leadership in the

Key Action:

What can we immediately do about this?

5. Participatory opportunities for FIG members:

Our members can:

“Diversity makes sense: it is in the DNA of humanity which we can take into our organizations;
It is morally right to do so and leads to sustainable organizations.”
“D&I is the responsibility of ALL; not just the minority”


Nanna Jørgensen
October 2021

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