FIG Commission 6

Term 2003-2006

Highlights Commission Chair

Our stated policy for this period included:

  • Promote the knowledge, skills and abilities of surveyors in civil and industrial works within the various professional fields of Engineering;
Mr. Svend Kold Johansen
  • To Support all development and multidisciplinary expertise leading to integrated survey methods, using various instruments and sensors and combining geometry with all other data relevant to each Engineering problem;
  • Provide a forum for exchange of knowledge related to Engineering analysis of survey data for the study of structures;
  • In addition to the links with related Working Groups of IAG, ISM and ISPRS, look for possible connections within organisations of civil, structural and mechanical engineers and within those dealing with metrology and quality control - at the national and international level.

Our goals also included support to the FIG Working Weeks, Regional meetings, hosting workshops, conferences and symposia to provide a venue for the regular exchange of this research to concerned and interested professionals.

During those events it has been a grate pleasure to be a part of those ambitions being be realised through the hard work done in the working groups and task forces. Along with the professional aspects is has been of grate value to meet with people with interest in our professional area. The traditional Commission 6 diner during a FIG event has been the foundation for many friendships and valuable contacts.

Through the four years 4 Newsletters has been posted with which we tried to keep the delegates updated on the information provided at the events.

The FIG office established during this period a very nice and uniform Web page for the FIG organisation and the Commissions. Commission 6 had grate benefit of those frames.

Cecilia Whitaker edited and prepared in 2004 a very significant paper on the activities of Commission 6. The paper was an update on the activities of this varied and dynamic group of professional survey engineers that comprise FIG Commission 6.

During the FIG Working Week in Athens, 22-27 May 2004 Dr. Alojz Kopáčik, was elected as the new Chair Elect of Commission 6. We wish Alojz all the best in his work with FIG and Commission 6 all the best in the future




Working Groups

Working Group 6.1 - Deformation Measurement and Analysis

Policy Issues

  • Automation of monitoring surveys.
  • Enhancement of geometrical modelling of deformations from integrated deformation surveys
  • Physical interpretation of deformations including numerical modelling and prediction of deformations and back analysis.


Adam Chrzanowski (Canada), e-mail: adamc[at]

Working Group 6.2 - Engineering Surveys for Industry and Research

Policy issues

Engineering surveys in industry and research demand ultimate quality to be realised in ever-shorter time slots and under spatially most limited conditions. WG2's main goal is to provide the specialists involved in that kind of missions with the latest state of the art concerning:

  • The use of adapted survey techniques in industry & Engineering;
  • A multidisciplinary collaboration between survey engineers, civil engineers, structural & mechanical engineers, R&D scientists - for a better approach of complex Engineering survey problems;
  • Specific algorithms, instrumentation, equipment and techniques in Engineering Surveys;
  • High precision measurements and special techniques for the large scale metrology of big equipment or structures;
  • Integration of survey & alignment sensors with actuators and/or tools for on-line monitoring and control of a given process (dynamic systems);
  • Relevant modules for the 'Optical 3d Measurement Techniques' series.


Thomas Wunderlich
E-mail: Th.Wunderlich[at]

Working Group 6.3 - Engineering Survey Data Bases and Facility Management

Policy issues

  • Focus on the role of the surveying engineer as the responsible manager of spatially referenced information;
  • Support for the co-ordination of the activities of other disciplines.


Lothar Gründig 
E-mail: gruendig[at]

WG6.4 - Engineering Surveys for Construction Works and Structural Engineering

Policy Issues

  • Promoting the use of adapted survey techniques in industry & Engineering;
  • Promoting a multidisciplinary collaboration between survey engineers, civil engineers, structural & mechanical engineers;
  • Promoting the understanding of fibre optic sensors, e.g. interferometric sensors, Brillouin and Raman scattering and Bragg gratings;
  • Study the use of embedded sensor arrays and the role of advanced surveying techniques for structural monitoring;
  • Creating an awareness of surveyors through a task force 'Fibre optic sensors' of the rapidly emerging technology of fibre optic sensors as "non-geodetic" sensors to measure deformations (strain) and temperatures in civil engineering structures


Gethin Wyn Roberts
United Kingdom
E-mail: gethin.roberts[at]