Annual Meeting of Commission 3
Istanbul 2002

Venue of GIS2002 Symposium Meeting of FIG Officers with the local organisers Lecture Hall Organizing and Technical Commitee
Opening of Exhibition Chairing a session (Jukka Krisp, Kari Strande) Chairing a session (Chryssy Potsiou, Peter Laaraker) Chairing a session (Markku Villikka)
Chairing a session (Yerach Doytsher) Social Event - Boat Trip Chryssy Potsiou, President of FIG Bob Foster and Sis Alkan Bosporus Bridge
All cameras on board (exept one!) Reinfried Mansberger and Mmuso Riba President Forster and Sis Alkan (Organizer) Commission 3 and friends on board
Beauties of Istanbul: Hagia Sofia Shopping in the Grand Bazar Which one should I buy? In the coffee house: Chryssy, Gerhard, Kari and Markku
Reinfried not being aware of the nice background Istanbul Panorama I Istanbul Panorama II Istanbul Panorama III
Istanbul Panorama IV Who will catch the biggest one? Beauties of Istanbul: Galata Tower Beauties of Istanbul: Topkapi (Upside-Down?)
Arts of Istanbul